Could you imagine if you met your favorite celebrity and they turned out to be a jerk? Hello, crashing down universe, tears, and anger. But this kind of situation happens more often than not – but it’s usually your fault… Bothering someone to say hello or ask for a picture when they receive the same request about a million times a day would wear thin pretty quickly. But that’s not to say it’s always the fan’s fault for jerky behaviour from celebs.


Sad but true as it may be, fame and fortune affect people’s outlook on life and how they treat the people around them. Many stars are notorious for feeling self-important and their diva-like attitude is shown in their treatment towards paparazzi and overly zealous fans. And sure, some might even cross the line or not even know the basic principles on personal space, but it doesn’t take away from the truth that some celebs are known for their hostile behavior towards non-Hollywood people. Perhaps for such stars, you may have better luck ogling them on TV, or at best, playing some no deposit slots in their namesake.

Then there are other celebrities who are so nice beyond words, you just want to bear-hug them! But… boundaries (and security crew)!

1. Ryan Reynolds

Have you even seen how Ryan Reynolds conducts himself in public? Not only is he a gracious and fantastic husband to Blake Lively, has a laugh-out-loud funny brand persona, but he’s also the same loveable guy in public as he is on the screen. We stan!

2. Jennifer Lawrence

J.Law is perhaps the opposite of the other Jennifer L (that’s JLo y’all), in that she really seems to be just like us. Jennifer Lawrence trips over her ballgowns, gets drunk and says stupid stuff, and has even done dumb things in front of crushes. In fact, Jen is so down to earth that people wonder if her behaviour is all for show to make her more relatable.

3. Adele

If there’s anyone we’d love to have a pint or two at the pub with, it’s Adele. This sweetheart not only has a killer set of pipes and a huge bag of awards to her name, she’s also one of the funniest and most relaxed celebs on the planet. One of her most memorable down to earth moments is when she goes undercover as in auditions an Adele impersonator alongside a bunch of other hopefuls. Watch it and try not to lose it laughing.


4. Patrick Stewart

Star Trek captain favorite and all-round acting royalty, Patrick Stewart is still topping lists of most-wanted to meet actors. Why? He’s just so damn nice. Witness: Patrick Stewart’s bromance with fellow actor Ian McKellen.

5. Keanu Reeves

After the reign of cats ruling the internet came the reign of Keanu Reeves ruling the internet. Keanu, AKA the Internet’s boyfriend, was always going to place highly on our list – there are even articles online about this dude saying the exact same thing. How about 13 times Keanu Reeves was the greatest person ever?

6. Lady Gaga

You would think that someone who has worn a meat dress and works her butt off every day to succeed might not be the most down to earth person. However, Lady Gaga is always quick to praise and support her Little Monsters, aka her fans, who see the ways in which Gaga gives them a voice too.

7. Tom Hanks

Tom doesn’t just play a nice guy in the movies, he’s actually well known for being a nice guy in real life too. From giving his cabbie Broadway tickets, to paying out of his own money for scenes to be filmed, to just being a friendly guy, it’s no wonder that Hanks plays the good guy so often.

8. Dolly Parton

Dolly is all-Americana, but her bubbly personality you see in interviews is exactly who she is in real life too. Dolly has some of the most wonderful stories from her meet and greets and seems to just want to make the world a better place overall.

9. Danny Trejo

Despite Danny Trejo playing some of the hardest and most dangerous characters on screen, that’s pretty much the opposite of what you’ll experience if you get to hang with the man. With a warm and friendly personality, the tough guy image is all just for show.

10. Miley Cyrus

While she’s a bit of a wild child in her personal life, it’s only because Miley works hard and lives her life so authentically. If you happen to meet Ms Cyrus you would probably find her a delight – it’s no wonder as she is so magnetic!

All in all, if you want to maximise your chances of having a great celebrity encounter, it’s best not to stalk people and instead hunt out the best of the meet and greets. For a couple of hundred dollars or so you’ll probably have a great experience, get up close and personal with your fave celeb, and – last but not least – not annoy them and let both of you down.

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