Celebs, they’re just like us! Except when one of them has a Photoshop blunder, they make the news headlines because of it. Here are 10 times when their editing fails truly made us cringe.

Yikes! We certainly wouldn’t want to be caught with such horrendous photoshop fails. Sure, we’re all a tad guilty of using a couple of filters here and there, but we certainly don’t edit pics to such extremes. In reality, there’s nothing wrong with enhancing a good photo or two – especially if it’s to create awesome photo wall tiles. And where else to do so than

But, we digress, let’s get to that list – because let’s be honest, as much as we love following celebs, we also enjoy seeing them fail at basic photo editing!

1. Audrey O’Day’s Vacation Pics

If you are going to photoshop yourself, at least do it with some semblance of reality involved. But if you’re keen to keep the delusion going without a care as to who knows whether something is real or not, then you might like to take notes from Aubrey O’Day. The former Danity Kane member splashed up a series of pics from her holiday to Bali, that in reality were glossy stills of her plastered straight over the top of magazine-type shots of famous Bali destinations.

2. Khloe’s Witch Hands

Yes, it’s true that Khloe has some quite long fingers that are accentuated by long fingernails, but they definitely aren’t as huge and witchy as they appeared in some pictures from her Instagram back in January of 2022. If you want to see the stuff of witch nightmares then head over and take a look.

3. Naomi Campbell at Oscars Night

You would think that as one of the world’s most beautiful people, who is still called a supermodel many decades after her biggest years, that Naomi Campbell would be happy to let unedited pics wind up on her socials. Sadly, that’s a no. Pictures from Naomi’s red carpet at the 2023 Oscars show her with a more chiseled and yet slightly wonky jawline along with some airbrushing that would make a car spray painter blush.

4. Paula Abdul at Kathy Hilton’s Holiday Party

Paula Abdul is still a gorgeous woman, at a fierce and fabulous 60 years old. But there is one thing that she is not. And that’s a 20-year-old, as she came across in snaps on her Insta from Kathy Hilton’s famous holiday party. In the heavily edited pictures, Paula comes across as a hybrid of her 20-year-old self and every other influencer on the scene. It’s one thing to filter, but it’s another entirely to wipe 40 years off your face.


5. Kris Jenner Attacks Gordon Ramsay with the Airbrush Tool

While we’re well aware of the considerable airbrushing that Kris Jenner does to her own visage, that’s not really a newsworthy event. However, that one time that she came for Gordon Ramsay with the same power tool in a picture of them together really blew us out of the water. The man is known for his expressiveness, especially in his face, and she went and erased almost all of it.

6. Madonna Steals a Whole Body

Madonna’s socials are always a source of entertainment, with her flashing her grills and her, um, interesting body alterations. But the strangest picture of them all was when she was doing her Rebel Heart promotions and she literally slapped her own head over the top of someone else’s body. TikToker Amelia Goldie was shocked to discover Madge stealing her likeness, but there wasn’t exactly a good apology here.

7. Beyonce’s Thigh Gap Steps Up

Even Queen Bey can’t escape a good Photoshop fail. Back in 2014, there was a famous picture of Beyonce walking down the steps of a boat. Now one of the most interesting facts about stairs is that they are the arch-nemesis of Photoshop. In the pic, the stairs between her legs appear to have jumped up a bit to give her a more prominent thigh gap.

8. Kendall’s Adventures in Long-armedry

Khloe isn’t the only Kardashian who can scare us with her long-handed photos. Recently, Kendall Jenner was in the spotlight for her bikini holiday pic which showed a seemingly impossible shot of a looooong arm and hand touching the floor. Kendall addressed the pic by posting videos with her ‘weird hand’ and pal Hailey Bieber.

9. Biebs in his Calvins

And speaking of Bieber. Depending on which side of the fence you sit on, Justin Bieber is either very attractive or just meh, depending on how scraggly his facial hair situation is at the time. However, in Justin’s Calvin Klein campaign back in 2015, we were treated to a much more beefed-up version of the singer. The Photoshop on the job not only completely enhanced his chest, abs, and shoulder, but almost the butt and, uh, significantly in the crotch.

10. True at Disneyland = not true

Another from bizarre-o land was the time when Kim Kardashian photoshopped her sister’s whole daughter into holiday snaps from Disneyland. The photo from December 2021 was uncovered as a fake only because Khloe posted of True celebrating her 4th birthday at the park on ‘her first visit to Disneyland.’

Bottom line? If you’re going to Photoshop, get it right. And if you want to spot where an image has been manipulated, check this list. But always remember: stripes, stairs, and doorways will give you away.

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