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As a fashion lover, you are always interested in ways to elevate your wardrobe. It can be everything from simple hacks, to bigger investments, that will pay off in the long run. It has also become more important to take care of your clothes, and purchase ethically and ecologically made textiles, as a way to take care of the environments and workers across the globe.


We have gathered 4 things you can do that will elevate your wardrobe in the long term, and make you look even more fabulous.

1. Tailor-made clothes

While many of us buy most clothing items either online or in chain stores, you could benefit from having some tailor-made clothing. There are a lot of good simple basics in stores that fit most people, however, some other clothing items are best when they are tailor-made. This can for example be a classic suit, a pencil skirt, a slim-fit shirt, or the perfect black cocktail dress. These are pieces of clothing that you can keep for ages, and they will never be out of style. Find custom-tailored clothes here and experience how a perfectly fitted outfit will elevate your look.

2. Buy a lint remover


There is nothing more annoying than to have your favorite pieces of clothing be covered in lint after just a few washes. This happens all the time, and it instantly makes your clothes look bad and cheap. A quick solution to this is to buy a lint remover, which gets rid of it in a few seconds. It is so quick and easy, and it can save almost any piece of clothing from going in the bin. If you do not have one and are having a fashion emergency, you can use a sharp razor. However, this should only be for emergencies, as it can damage your clothes in the long run.

3. Shop vintage online

There are few things that look more elegant than well-preserved vintage pieces. These are also a lot more unique than the clothes that currently are in stores, and it can be a great way to get designer items for cheaper. Many are selling out of their closets even celebrities, and perhaps you can get your hands on a pair of Louboutins from Kylie Jenner, or an Herm├ęs bag from Rihanna. This might be quite a challenge, but there are always other options, such as resellers and apps that are filled with vintage items for you to click home.

4. Special caretaking

The best way to have an elevated fashion style is to know how to take care of your clothes. This will not only save you money that you can use on new clothes, but it will also allow you to have prettier and more well-preserved items in your wardrobe. The better you are at taking care of your clothes, the prettier they will stay, and you look better. It is also a way to help reduce the harmful impact of the fast fashion industry, as you can keep your items for a longer time.

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