Learn about 56 Dean Street: Who Is David Stuart?

56 Dean street is Europe’s busiest sexual health, contraception, and HIV prevention care clinic in the heart of Soho, London.

According to QX Magazine, it is the Beyonce of the Sexual Health Clinics. This clinic makes people aware of drug abuse.  David Stuart used to work in this clinic and through this clinic, he had helped a lot of people.

David was the lead in the Substance Misuse specializing in Chemsex. He wanted to break the cycle of chemsex and wanted the wellness of the next generation. Chemsex had been a visible trend in years.

The use of drugs had risen and it is because the drugs and the context in which it is used has changed.

David had developed Dean Street Wellbeing Programme to discuss, debate, and promote good sexual health and sexual wellbeing.

David Stuart Died: How Did He Die?

The reason behind the death of the activist is not known. only the announcement of his death was done and the reason was not disclosed.

David had been talking about chemsex from the start and had described it in his own word.

He had raised awareness about chemsex as the epidemic that is responsible for the great amount of pleasure and the disproportionate amount of traumas, psychosis, suicides, and overdose among all mostly gay men around the world.

Stuart throughout his career had worked as a therapist for thousands of gay men who struggled with chemsex. To develop policies around chemsex, HIV prevention and to support government and institutions he established the World’s first Chemex support service.

He had a lot of interest in writing which he described as his hobby. The health expert had written two books: a novel and a collection of essays and poetry. He had published these two books.

The LGBT+ community had mourned his death and remembered him as the Titan of sexual health.

His colleagues and friends stated that this loss is immeasurable. They said they lost a true HIV hero.