6 Things to Consider When Renting a Car at the Airport – If you like to travel to distant places like Chicago or Sidney, you are 25 years old, and you have a driver’s license and driving skills, then you likely have already thought about how wonderful it would be to travel by “your” car. 

Many mistakenly believe that renting a car involves serious difficulties in registration and high costs. Of course, you have to pay for your convenience. But if you calculate how much time and effort you save, it turns out that car rental is very profitable.

There are car rental points in almost every major city in the world. They are located at airports, near railway stations, in major ports, and not only.

Are you looking for an under 25 Car Rental Chicago Airport service? Or do you want to rent a car for eight people? Well, at any international airport, there are several car rentals for any request. Imagine, half an hour after you get off the plane, you are already driving a new car and rushing along the highway to the refreshing sea and the gentle sun.

Hiring a Car from an Airport? Here’s How to Do It Right

So, let’s start with the basic rules before renting a car.

1. Booking

First, you need to choose the company to rent a car. There are about 25 companies in each country. Methods of ordering service and its subsequent payment may vary slightly depending on the chosen company. But in most cases, you can order a car rental service in the following ways:

  • Call the office of the company and book a car, providing all the required data;
  • Book a car online through a special order form on the company’s website.

Of course, you can rent a car upon arrival, but it will take much longer. In addition, there may not be a suitable car. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to book a car in advance.

After payment, they will send a booking confirmation to your email. You have to print or save it electronically (on a tablet or laptop) to present to the rental service representative.

Then find the car rental office upon arrival in Chicago, Singapore, Tel Aviv, etc. It is usually located right in the airport terminal (usually not far from the entrance/exit).

2. Remember that not all car rental companies work around the clock

Car rental companies work according to a standard schedule a 40-hour work week, from Monday to Friday. Of course, this doesn’t apply to counters at airports. But there are surcharges for late/early hours. That is, renting a car, for example, at 11 am (and returning it at the same time) is cheaper than, for example, renting a car at 1 am and returning it at 9 pm.

3. Take insurance

If you are not sure of your abilities, you should take out fully comprehensive insurance. It doesn’t cost much, but it will help you save money in a car accident.

4. Pick up the car at the place of order

After passing through passport control at the Chicago airport or any other one, you can pick up your car at the appointed time. If there is no chosen car for some reason, the company is obliged to offer a car of the same class, with similar characteristics, but you are not obliged to agree.

If your car is ready to travel, you should carefully inspect it and enter all the damage in the report, which will be signed by the agent who issued you the car. Give it a maximum of time and attention because you will have to pay for every scratch that you haven’t included in the protocol on the day of return as for damage caused by you.

5. Enjoy the trip

While in your country, check the specifics of the traffic rules of the state you are traveling to. Check the fines and the features of road signs and markings. Take a GPS navigator with you because if you rent it, it may cost you about $25 more. Discuss with more experienced travelers the specifics of your chosen route. On the trip itself, try to follow the rules of the road. Take care of the car so as not to pay fines at the end of your journey.

6. Return the car

Approach this process carefully. Inspect the car with a rental company representative and draw reports of all new damage. Make sure that there is as much gasoline in the tank as when you received the car. By the way, you should keep a document stating that you returned the car in excellent condition for at least a month after the trip.

So, despite the general simplicity and accessibility, the car rental procedure has several features you have to remember when concluding a rental agreement.

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