From rising state taxes to the housing crisis, there is a myriad of reasons why a startling number of people have fled the once-glorious state of California. And even after pandemic restrictions have eased, it doesn’t seem like people are keen to move back. Worse yet for the state, more people are still pondering a move from California to other states.  

This mass exodus includes several high-profile celebrities who have decided to pack their Louis Vuitton suitcases and relocate. This article lists some of the more prominent names that have left the Golden State.  

9 Celebrities that moved from California to other states 

1. Joe Rogan 

The stand-up comic, UFC commentator, and podcast giant is perhaps the most outspoken advocate of moving out of California. Joe Rogan abruptly left his Los Angeles estate at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Following his move to Austin, Texas, he has continually spoken about why his former home state is crumbling.  

On his wildly popular podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ he has openly convinced his guests to consider moving out as well. Rogan has not hidden his disdain for restrictions California Governor Gavin Newsom placed during the pandemic. He has continuously opined that the restrictions encroach on people’s freedom.  

Additionally, Rogan has pointed to overpopulation and the housing and opioid crises as other factors that influenced his decision. As a note, if you’re thinking of heeding Rogan’s advice, it can cost as much as $16,000 to move a 5-bedroom mansion from California to Florida.  

2. Mark Wahlberg 

In the spring of 2022, the Hollywood A-Lister put his 12-bedroom, 20-bath Beverly Park estate on the market. Wahlberg left his long-time home state for what he calls ‘a fresh start’ in Nevada. According to the ‘The Fighter’ star, he initially moved to California so he could ‘work from home’ in pursuing acting.   

In an interview, Wahlberg said he was moving his family to Nevada to give his kids ‘a better life.’ He is married to model Rhea Durham with whom he has four kids.  

3. Shailene Woodley 

Following her coupling with NFL star Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley joined the list of celebrity movers and settled in Wisconsin for a quieter life. And though the Divergent series lead still goes back to Los Angeles for work, she has been spending most of her time in Green Bay.  

Woodley began dating Rodgers during the pandemic, which she credits for fast-tracking the relationship. According to her, she immediately moved in with him because she couldn’t just get on a plane and go back and forth during weekends.  

4. Gigi Hadid 

In line with the relocation trend, supermodel Gigi Hadid moved to a quiet Pennsylvania farm with her boyfriend, Zayn Malik and their daughter. According to Hadid, she fancies the idea of raising her kid away from the big city where she can enjoy the opportunity to explore different interests. 


The Hadid family owns a 32-acre countryside property in Pennsylvania – a three-hour drive from New York City, making it a strategic location for the model. After spending significant time on the farm, Malik bought his own farm nearby.    

5. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban 

Another couple that moved during the pandemic, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, outdid almost everyone (almost) by moving to a different hemisphere. Kidman moved back to her home country of Australia at the height of the pandemic when the country was under strict lockdown. The move was criticized as thousands of Australian citizens could not re-enter the country due to the strict travel ban and quarantine procedures.   

Apart from being allowed to enter the country with their children, the couple was also allowed to quarantine at home instead of a government-mandated hotel. Kidman didn’t shy away from the backlash, insisting that she is paying for her family’s security and following all the lockdown rules.  

6. Zach Efron 

Zach Efron is another Hollywood star who decided to move down under. He reportedly fell in love with the place while filming, ultimately staying after being locked down in Australia. Efron reportedly canceled his flight back to the US after his visa-extension request was approved.  

The ‘Baywatch’ star eventually sold his Los Angeles home and now lives in New South Wales. And even after breaking up with his Australian girlfriend, model Vanessa Valladares, Efron has continued to reside there.  

7. Rosario Dawson 

Back stateside, Rosario Dawson made the cross-country move from California to New Jersey. She did so by taking a road trip in an RV with her father, who is battling pancreatic cancer. According to the actress, she and her boyfriend, Senator Cory Booker, are thinking of moving in together. The couple was separated for most of the pandemic.  

8. Rob Schneider 

Even people who deeply love the state of California have moved out. This includes Rob Schneider, who was born and raised in the state. In a 2020 tweet, he expressed sadness for leaving California, where all his children were likewise born. He even used the hashtag #CaliforniaYouBrokeMyHeart 

Later in the year, Schneider told ‘Fox and Friends’ that his move to Arizona was politically motivated. According to him, he felt like the Democratic Party was ‘trying to ruin his life,’ prompting his move to the ‘Slightly freer state of Arizona.’ 

9. Busy Philipps 

The veteran has also made the trans-America move from California, relocating to New York City with her screenwriter husband and two daughters. For her part, Philipps cited growing health concerns as the reason for the move. And it doesn’t have anything to do with the coronavirus.  

Philipps was quoted saying she doesn’t know anyone in Los Angeles who doesn’t have irritable bowel syndrome. She theorized that it might have something to do with the toxicity of the city. And when the fires started again in California, it signaled her to finally make the move.  

Final words 

With its stunning topography, great weather, and career opportunities, California will always have a distinct pull. But with the consistent threat of wildfires, and homelessness, among other socio-economic issues, the state has a lot of work to do.  

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