ABC 20/20: Who Are Renee and Phillip Beach & Where Are They Now? 

Renee and Phillip Beach are the parents of Mallory Beach. There are prepared to speak on ABC’s 20/20 about the night of her death.

As the investigation into the Murdaugh family killings and Alex Murdaugh’s alleged financial crimes progressed, 20/20 met with the parents of Mallory. She was killed in a boating accident with Alex’s son Paul Murdaugh in 2019.

Renee and Phillip Beach discuss their feelings that night and the loss of their daughter in an E! News exclusive footage.

Mallory Beach Boyfriend Anthony Cook


Mallory’s longtime boyfriend Anthony Cook was one of the six persons on the boat the night she died. 

Considering their roles in her death and his anguish, he had sued Alex Murdaugh, Parker’s Convenience Store, and the clerk who sold Paul Murduagh’s drink that night.

Mallory Beach Boat Accident Death Details 

Mallory Beach died in a deadly boat incident in February 2019, when her friend Paul Murdaugh allegedly smashed his family’s boat while drunk. Following Paul’s murder in 2021, police began to focus their attention on the Murdaugh family.

Mallory Beach was just 19 years old when she died in a horrific boating accident in 2019.

After graduating from Wade Hampton High School, she worked in a clothes boutique in Beaufort, South Carolina. Her family claims she aspired to work as an interior designer.

Mallory and Anthony planned to spend Saturday night on Paukie Island with their friends, Anthony’s cousin Connor Cook and Connor’s girlfriend Miley Altman, for a house party and oyster roast.

They chose to meet first at “Murdaugh Island,” a river property is owned by the Murdaugh family, a friend of theirs. Because Paul and his then-girlfriend, Morgan Doughty, were also planning on attending the party, the pals decided to use Paul’s family’s yacht.

According to the investigation, everyone was under the age and drinking alcohol. These are some of the beverages investigators discovered in a cooler on the Murdaugh boat.