Airbnb is the famous go-to for vacation rentals in a lot of countries including the UK, but the downside to it is that its prices are gradually increasing. Also, you cannot do a last-minute or spontaneous booking. Here are some vacation rental options in the UK.



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  1. HomeAway: This vacation rental was formerly known as Owners Direct, and was launched fourteen years ago. This is site is beneficial, especially for people who are travelling alone or a couple who need a smaller apartment.
  2. TripAdvisor: If you want honest reviews on accommodation, TripAdvisor is the site to go to. It advertises a wide range of lettings so that you know you know what you are going for.
  3. is the site for holiday homes and apartment rentals. And the site is very easy to use.
  4. HomeStay: HomeStay provides you with a room on occupied property. The advantage to staying with your host is that you get firsthand information on the best places to visit to eat and visit. You get the information even the internet may not give you.
  5. FlipKey: FlipKey is famous for giving out impressive holiday rentals all over the world. Their site has easy search filters which make the process of finding the perfect rental property a simple one.


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