Amazing Race: How Old Is Kim Holderness?

Kim Holderness was born on March 27, 1976, in Florida, United States. Kim is currently 46 years old as of 2022. Kim and Pen are a happily married couple who were recently featured on the reality show The Amazing Race season 33.

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Unfortunately, the pair has yet to be published on any social site such as Wikipedia. Penn and Kim Holderness must be one year apart in age.

Penn”s age must be 47, and his wife’s age must be 46. When it comes to their physical looks, they both have distinct personalities that their followers like from the start.

They are both from Raleigh, and their families are Mormons. The Holderness family is one of the numerous Amazing Race teams who are used to being in the spotlight.

Kim Holderness Net Worth Details

Kim and Pen Holderness are now believed to have a net worth of roughly $1 million. As a result, the pair has also earned some money through their YouTube channel.

Aside from that, as a TV celebrity, the pair must earn more than other industry superstars. The couple’s net wealth is steadily increasing.

Their net worth grows by the day, and they have a large number of subscribers on their YouTube channel.

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Along with this, they have goods, sponsorships, or affiliate commissions that they use to supplement their revenue. Kim works as a business partner for her husband’s company, Greenroom Communications.

She founded Greenroom Communications in 2008, which is now a division of the digital marketing agency Walk West.

Kim Holderness Family and Husband Pen Holderness

Penn And Kim Holderness is a member of the Holderness family. They are both from Raleigh, North Carolina’s American Personalities.

Penn believes that the Holderness family podcast reveals the genuine dynamic of the family.

They are both happily married pairs that sincerely support each other in all aspects, including learning new things.

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When it comes to their YouTube channel, they focus on specialized issues such as relationships and parenthood, and their viewers are like their one-of-a-kind idea.

Penn and Kim Holderness are well-known Internet personalities in the United States, best known for their Facebook and YouTube channels.

They have two gorgeous children, Lola and Penn Charles. Both parents encourage their children to develop their individuality.