Amber Heard Quoted The Talented Mr Ripley In Her Opening Statement

Amber Heard has claimed to use quotes from movies like The Talented Mr. Ripley and other novels.


According to rumors on the internet, popular actress, Christina Pykles has gathered a collection of tweets and written a little dissertation.

As a result, she added, perhaps tongue in cheek. Amber Heard could be using phrases from TV shows, movies, and even literature, according to Pykles.

The Talented Mr. Ripley, White Chicks, I Am A Killer, Zombieland, Maid, and more films have been claimed as having been recognized.

Amber’s opening statement, in which she referenced a sentence from the 1999 film The Talented Mr. Ripley, revealed all of this.

The line was ” Things with Dickie… It’s like the sun shines on you, and it’s spectacular.” the line goes on more.

Several people rushed to social media while watching the trial to say that Amber’s testimony seemed and sounded strangely familiar.


Many people learned Amber was maybe taking quotes from movies and TV shows after doing some investigating.

On May 4, Twitter user @christinapykles tweeted a post about Amber repeating movie lines that she had seen so far.

Some of the pictures people claim to remember from Heard’s testimony are as simple as stepping over a toe on a door or hurling a drink and hitting a wall.

Amber Heard Copied Statement From Marge Sherwood Character

In a popular Twitter thread, actress Christina Pykles makes several statements about Amber Heard’s first several hours of testifying.

Pykles has put together a thesis out of a collection of other people’s tweets. Amber overheard some horrible acting.

In other words, no evidence of Amber Heard reciting, say, Marge Sherwood’s speech from The Talented Mr Ripley has been presented.

Pykles has put together a thesis out of a collection of other people’s tweets.

Amber Heard has been mixing terms from movies, TV shows, and literature into her descriptions of Johnny Depp and herself, according to her theory.

Requests for links and timestamps to support the allegations were also ignored.



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