Here we are with a written episode update of “Anupama” on 5 April 2021. The episode begins with Kavya is waiting for Vanraj and she uses to call him but he didn’t pick up her call. And she thinks “Vanrak has forgotten me and started liking Anupama.” On the other side, Nanididn comes to her and laughs at her by saying “Kavya massi you are very funny”. But Kavya is in anger and Nandini tells her that “I know you were getting jealous of Anu maa but she only knows to give hence, you don’t need to worry at all”.


On the other side, Kinjal brings tea for Babu Ji and Baa. Kavya is still in jealousy and waiting for Vanraj’s cal and she gets the call from Anirudh and they use to talk about divorce documents She use to curt the call and Anirufh gets worried for her. Whereas Anupama and Vanraj are staying in a hotel and their car gets a puncture. Then take help from a guard but Vanraj uses it to tell her that he don’ts remember the number. AWhile Anuoama asks him to call Pakhi and Sweety.

They call  Pkahi and tell them their car gets stuck and we have reached home. Pakhi tells everyone that there is a lockdown in the city. Kinjal informs Vanraj about it. And tells Vanraj not to come back home and stay in the hotel. Baa tells Babu Ji that I’m doing all these to save the married life of my son. While Anirudh reaches Kavya’s house and tells her that he is getting worried for her.


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Vanraj uses to share everything with Anupama about the lockdown and he is feeling happy inside. And he stays to her that now we can have more time to spent. Rakhi uses to call Baa and daytime to spent And they use to talk like Anupama and Vnaraj. Meanwhile, And Baa says to Rakhi that I’m only saying this to my son, not to you so don’t take me wrong. a that you are so lucky. And later both of them use talks like Anupamam and Vnaraj. To watch the full episode set yourself at 10:00 pm on Star Plus from Monday To Saturday.

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