The Queen and Aaron Ramsey are not blood relatives. On the same day that Aaron plays for the Europa Conference League, the queen is admitted to the hospital.


A legend about former Arsenal midfielder and Wales international Aaron Ramsey is resurfacing, according to a tweet, in light of recent occurrences like the Queen being admitted to the hospital.

The term “the Ramsey curse” may be heard whenever a specific former Arsenal midfielder scores. According to the daily star website, people have discovered a strange correlation between Aaron Ramsey, who joined French team Nice in 2022, and famous deaths.

The Queen and Aaron Ramsey are unrelated, but many believe they are connected since awful things seem to happen to the football player every time, and this time it appears to be the queen of England being hospitalized, according to a tweet.

In light of “doctors’ concerns” about her health, the British Queen Elizabeth II is “under medical care,” according to a statement released by Buckingham Palace on the same day that Aaron is scheduled to play.

Aaron Ramsey playing for Juventus ( Source : planetfootball )

In 2018, when the Welsh midfielder scored against CSKA Moscow, fans thought the “curse” had struck once more, sparking a social media frenzy.

At the age of 28, professional darts player Eric Bristow suddenly went tragically from a heart attack after scoring a sensational goal in Arsenal’s victory. Fans instantly laid the blame on a curse, claiming there was an uncanny connection between his scoring record and celebrity deaths.

Fun Fact On The Ramsey Curse

Ramsey is well-known for playing for Arsenal and representing Wales, but he is also famous among football fans due to the “Aaron Ramsey Curse” phenomenon.


There have been several instances since 2009 where a Ramsey goal is followed by the passing of a celebrity within a few days. Supporters have concluded that there is some inexplicable connection between the unrelated incidents, given the recurrent pattern of this phenomenon.

Aaron Ramsey Curse poster from the thickaccent website ( Source : thickaccent )

The Welshman’s curse seems to have reappeared at this time. On Sunday, after the 31-year-old scored the equalizer against Toulouse of Ligue 1, it was announced that singer-actress Olivia Newton-John had gone away at 73.

The British-Australian singer, who won four Grammy Awards for her songs in the 1970s and 1980s, also became well-known for starring with John Travolta in the cult classic Hollywood film Grease in 1978. For football enthusiasts, the celebrity unhappily becomes the latest victim of the Ramsey curse even though the OBE holder passed away while fighting cancer.

Britain’s Queen Hospitalized – What Happened To Her?

As per a statement issued on Thursday by Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II of Britain is “under medical monitoring” because “doctors are worried” about her health.

The doctors treating The Queen are worried about Her Majesty’s health and have advised that she remain under medical monitoring, according to a statement released by the palace this morning. The Queen is still relaxed and in Balmoral.

The 96-year-old king stayed at the royal family’s residence in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, called Balmoral Castle. The matter has been communicated to the immediate family; a royal insider told ABC News on Thursday.

In this file photo taken on June 28, 2022 Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II waves as she attends an Armed Forces Act of Loyalty Parade at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland. ( Source : abcnews )

According to their respective spokespeople, the queen’s daughter, Princess Anne, and her oldest child, Charles, Prince of Wales, and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, have already arrived in Balmoral. Prince Harry, Duke of Cambridge, Duke of Sussex, and Harry’s wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, are all traveling to Balmoral.

According to their respective spokespersons, as are the other sons of the queen, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, and Edward’s wife, Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

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