2022 has been a very interesting year for gaming, to say the least. Blockchain gaming is finally getting some mainstream recognition, and we are seeing NFTs being integrated into games in a more meaningful way. This has also been a good year for mobile gaming, and more developers are taking full advantage of the higher connectivity speeds that 5G offers. The global pandemic had lingering effects on the industry as well and changing gamer habits have pushed manufacturers to look at new ways to keep them interested and interconnected. Let’s take a look at some of the gaming technology developments that have defined this year.


More Immersive Online Gaming

Online gaming platforms are doing everything that they can to attract gamers and have been upping their game lately, especially when it comes to sounds and graphics.

Platforms are much more diverse now and have more personality. Developers have realised that they cannot get by with subpar graphics and a subpar gaming experience if they want to attract more sophisticated gamers who are used to AAA titles on super powerful machines.

This is also why we’ve been seeing more gamification in online casino games lately. This is when games will have bonus levels more akin to what you’d see in a normal video game where you can use your skills to unlock certain bonuses. These make gameplay more exciting and bring an element of skill, which is something we haven’t seen before.

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Blockchain Gaming

The biggest breakthrough we’ve seen this year was related to blockchain gaming. Games like Axie Infinity are household names for most gamers now and blockchain games are not seen as novelties anymore. Sandbox and Deventraland are also showing what could be possible for metaverse gaming and how NFTs can have applications outside of pure speculation.

The play-to-earn system has been proven and more people are taking it seriously. We haven’t seen a proper AAA crypto title released yet, but the games we’ve seen this year have shown us what’s possible for crypto gaming. If the industry can provide exciting games with great rewards, this could have a transformative effect on the gaming industry in general and revolutionize the ways games are monetized.

VR Gaming

VR gaming has also been making strides lately, mainly because of the higher number of headsets being released. The metaverse talks have also accelerated research on that side. The Rift is no longer the only game in town, and the high level of competition has been great for owners of the different VR consoles available at the moment. Some of the notable titles we’ve seen this year include Transformers Beyond Reality for the PSVR and Interkosmos 2000 September 1 – Quest 2.


There has been a lot of improvement in the look and stability of VR games lately due to advances in technology and more skilled developers. Major gaming companies are also paying more attention to the scene, and many of them have subsidiaries dealing specifically with VR gaming development. These are some of the reasons why the quality has been improving so fast on that side lately, and why 2023 is poised to be a major year for VR gaming.


With the way 2022 has been shaping up, we can’t wait to see what 2023 has to offer. We can expect to see more innovation at every level, and more great news for players whether it’s on mobile, PC, or console.

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