BIP: Why Did Riley Christian And Maurissa Gunn Breakup?

Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn’s breakup rumor has been all over social media. The reason for this news to spread like a fire is Gunn deleting their photos from her Instagram.

Some of the fans decided that the couple are going to split however, there are still some pictures of them together which gives the hope for them to remain together. 

You can follow Gunn on her Instagram page with the username @maurissagunn having 315K followers and 114 posts. However, Riley has kept his posts as they were.

This has made the fans keep their eyes on their social media activities. So far there is no confirmation from their side regarding their separation. They made each other swoon on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. They hit the boom boom room on their first date.

They became the first engaged Black couple on the franchise. The once considered as powerful couple must come ahead and clarify their fan’s confusion on their relationship.

Riley Christian Instagram Cleanse Reason

Riley Christian’s recent photos have been deleted by Gunn from her Instagram post. The reason is unknown, and Gunn has not spoken about this publicly.

She might not have thought about how her action would be interpreted by her fans. Now fans have been talking about them splitting. Some keen observers noticed that she is not wearing her engagement ring too in one of her photos.

The reason could be anything, and it will be better to wait and watch if the couple is still sharing the togetherness or finding their ways to move ahead leaving each other. 

Are Riley Christian And Maurissa Gunn Still Together?

Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn are rumored to be separated upon Gunn deleting pictures of her boyfriend from her Instagram. But the couple has not spoken on the subject.

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They are the most likable couples who are admired by many fans, and her action of deleting pictures made the fans curious and worried about their relationship. 

The couple must be still together even though Gunn deleted most of their picture to get from her IG feed, yet there are many kept secure in her IG, so we focus on teh positive side.