Cameron Bess is the son of venture capitalist Lane Bess. Are they going to space from Blue Origin? Discover more about them in this article below. 


An American twitch streamer, Cameron Bess, is also known as Meepskitten on the server and has thousands of followers on the media. 

His father, Lane Bess is a venture capitalist and has also served as the CEO of Zscaler inc. 

Apart from this, Cameron and his father, Lane, will be the first parent-child pair to fly to the space together in Jeff Bezos’ owned Blue Origin. Their flight is scheduled for December 9, 2021. 

Blue Origin: Who Is Cameron Bess?

Cameron Bess, son of a venture capitalist, will be flying to space with his father, Lane Bess on Jeff Bezos-owned Blue Origin spaceflight in December. 

Similarly, Cameron is a twitch streamer named Meepskitten and it would be a lot more fun if the next flight will be twitch stream from space. 

Cameron’s father, Lane Bess is a principal and founder of Bess Ventures And Advisory who has served as the CEO of Zscaler inc. 

“An original Shepard will fly on the New Shepard.” Laura Shepard Churchley, the daughter of the first American in space, will embark on her own journey to space on board #NewShepard on December 9.

— Blue Origin (@blueorigin) November 23, 2021

Lane Bess Son: Cameron Bess Age And Wiki Explored

Going through his pictures, Cameron Bess’ current age falls around his 20s. However, he hasn’t revealed his exact age and date of birth to anyone as of now. 


Unfortunately, Bess doesn’t have a Wikipedia profile, but you can learn more about him on various other online sources, as Cameron and his father have been the main topic of discussion in this recent time. 

As of now, we are unable to trace the information on Cameron’s early life and his educational background. 

However, his father, Lane Bess a BS degree holder in Managerial Economics from Carnegie Mellon University. He also has earned a Masters’ degree from the University of Dayton. 

Apart from this, Lane has spent three decades of his life as an operational executive and has successfully established several startups. 

As per his LinkedIn account, Lane was the CEO of Palo Alto Networks where he led the fundraising and scaled the company from its early go-to-market on its path to IPO. 

Cameron Bess Wife: Is He Married?

According to our study, Cameron Bess is still single and doesn’t have a wife.

He is a young teenager whose dating life is yet to be revealed on social media platforms. 

Cameron Bess Net Worth

Cameron Bess is the heir of the multi-billion internet security company. However, the estimated net worth, as well as his career, can’t be figured out at the moment.

On the other hand, his father, Lane Bess’ estimated net worth is around $808 million.

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