Learn About Boston Sandra Berfield Murder

The man who harassed a waitress named Sandra Berfield for months before giving her a pipe bomb that murdered her will not be given a new hearing, the state’s top judge determined Friday.

Berfield served as a waitress for 12 years at the restaurant where Steven Caruso was frequent. Each day, often twice a day, he would walk in and remain in Berfield’s corner for hours, looking at her.

Berfield alleged that after she turned down Caruso’s proposal offer, he started following her according to the source.

In 1999, he was found guilty of cutting her wheels and putting battery acid into her fuel tank.

Berfield came out from her front door eight months later, in January 2000, and collected a parcel signed to her. She was dead shortly when the pipe bomb within the burst.

Where Is Peter Caruso Now: In He On Jail/Prison Or Released?


Peter Caruso is facing the death penalty in Malden, a city in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States, for the January 2000 package-bomb death of Sandra Berfield.

Now, 13 years after being guilty of Berfield’s murder, Caruso is seeking a new prosecution from the state’s top court.

The Supreme Judicial Court will hear evidence in the widely known case on Friday, which resulted in expanded stalker laws for females. Caruso claims in his plea that he was not the one who planted the parcel bomb on Berfield’s door.

As per the source, Sandra fell asleep with a knife and had a camcorder placed in her flat because she was terrified of Peter.

Peter Caruso Family Background Explored

Peter Caruso was born and raised by his family in The United States. They are originally from the USA and belong to a White American ethnic background. 

However, the convicted murder has not shared the identity and other details regarding his parents and other household members in the public domain until now. 

Caruso appears to be a quiet person who tries to keep his personal information private. This could explain why there are not a lot of details about him on the internet.

We will soon update you with more precise details regarding the family members of Peter if any new information comes up.