Stage 4 cancer does not have a cure.


Usually, anyone diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer can live for 6 months, unlike those who are in the stage 1A who can live for as long as two years.

There are exceptional cases where people with stage 4 cancer live for as long as four years, however, the prognosis is usually not palatable.

Since the disease has no cure, the goal of any cancer treatment is to slow diwn the rate of its growth or stop it completely, reduce symptoms, and prolong lifespan of the individual.

Is Stage 4 Cancer A Death Sentence?

Stage 4 cancer is never a death sentence.


A patient can normal life with stage 4 cancer if the cancer treatment regimens are adhered to.

Photo Credit: Medical News Today

Stage 4 cancer symptoms can include extreme fatigue and constant loss of energy.

Causes Of Stage 4 Cancer

Stage 4 cancer occurs when cancer cells break away from the tumor actual cancerous tumor and flow into the bloodstream.

When these cells reach other parts of the body, they attach to the tissues there.


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