CeeLo Green has addressed the controversies over his wedding dress decades ago as he claims that he didn’t receive enough backlash.

CeeLo who style The Goodie Mob and Gnarls Barkley has made headlines for decades as he often catches the attention of people in Wedding dresses and other outfits for artistic purposes.


For the past few years, he has faced both criticisms and applauds on how he makes his outfits and has addressed several controversies that have popped up in a recent interview.

CeeLo, Radio Interview, Young Thug
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

The rapper indicated that sometimes you have to do something exceptional to standout noting that he felt he could get away with it and he did emphasize that’s where the game is worth watching.

He explained that he decided to pose in a wedding dress in 2008 at the time Gnarls Barkley has released his “The Odd Couple” stating that in rap and Hip Hop it isn’t that acceptable to pose with such attire unless alternative rock scene

He admitted that he didn’t receive much backlash as he expected because he was respected and people jumped to defend him to stop the negativity from spreading

Source: 44Bars

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