Cheer: How Old Is Gillian Rupert Age? Her Height Explored

Gillian Rupert’s age is 20 years old as of 2022.

The cheerleader will be one of the new cast of Netflix’s Cheer season 2. She is part of the dominant Cheerleading squad at Navarro College on their mission to win the National Championship of Cheerleading. They will be competing against their rival Trinity Valley Community College.

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Talking about her height, Rupert stands at around 5 feet 4.5 inches.

Rupert started a GoFundMe to help pay for UCA National Collegiate Championship where she and Ty Johnson was selected.Ā 

Is Gillian Rupert On Wikipedia?


No, Gillian Rupert is not featured on Wikipedia as of yet.

As of now, she has not been featured but we are sure it won’t be long before she gets her own page.

After being cast on Cheer season 2, she is sure to gain a massive following on social media. Following the exposure, she will surely get the media attention.

We hope to update more information as soon as possible.

Meet Gillian Rupert Parents On Instagram

Gillian Rupert’s mother is Angela K Rupert. Unfortunately, we don’t have details about her father as of yet.

Talking about her parents, her mother plays a major role in Gillian’s life but we lack details about her father in her life. Maybe her parents were separated a while back or he passed away a long time ago.

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According to reports, Rupert appears to be in a relationship with a guy. The name of the man she is seeing is Ron Gallegos but we have very little information about him.

Also, we could not find Gillian’s mother on Instagram. Maybe she has her account with a different username but we could not find her on the platform.

We can find Gillian on Instagram where her handle is @gillianrupert. She has currently 28.9k followers on the platform and has shared 203 posts with her followers.

We hope to update more information soon as possible.