Chogoria Town Guide

Chogoria is a town located in Meru County in the Eastern Province of Kenya. It is located roughly 140 Miles (about 225 km) from Nairobi. It is connected to the rest of the country by the all-weather, tarmacked Meru-Embu road. The closest town to Chogoria is Chuka Town in Kenya, the District Headquarters. Other surrounding towns are Nkubu, Meru Town  and Embu Town. Chogoria town grew primarily due to the presence of the PCEA Chogoria Hospital. The hospital was established in 1922 by Scottish missionaries and it has grown to one of the leading hospitals in the entire country. The missionaries also introduced the Presbyterian Church to the area hence the high membership of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa by the local populace.

Economic Activities in Chogoria Town

Chogoria is basically an agriculture-reliant economy. The area is endowed with a climate that is suited to production of many types of crops including Coffee in Kenya and Tea in Kenya. Dairy farming is also practiced in the area. Other sources of employment and income include the timber industry, tourism (starting point for excursions to Mount Kenya National Park) and retail trade in household goods.

Accommodations and Hotels in Chogoria

Lizlo HotelSafari Cafe HotelTransit Motel ChogoriaKilimo Talii

 Education Institution in Chogoria Town

Chogoria is also an educational hub, featuring several primary  and secondary schools within the urban area. These include Chogoria Girls Boarding Primary School – A Girls only Primary school, Chogoria Boys Boarding Primary School – A boys only primary school, Chogoria Boys High School and Chogoria Girls High School – A Boys and Girls Secondary school respectively. There are several other smaller schools in the locality. Some of them are Chogoria Academy, Milimani Academy, Chogoria Junior School and Chogoria Complex primary school.

Healthcare in Chogoria Town

The PCEA Hospital is a general hospital providing acute adult and paediatric medical and surgical services; outpatient clinics including several subspecialist clinics such as diabetes and HIV medicine; obstetric and gynaecological services; oncology and palliative care. The hospital has a level 2 neonatal nursery attached to the obstetric unit. Basic laboratory services are available on site.

Recreation in Chogoria Town

Chogoria is also one of the few entrances to the World Famous Mount Kenya. Mountain climbers regularly pass through Chogoria on their way to the mountain.

Politics in Chogoria Town

Chogoria and the surrounding area politics were dominated by the Democratic Party that was led by current President Mwai Kibaki from 1992 to 2002. When NARC was formed in 2002, the population shifted their allegiance to NARC. If follow then that the local residents shifted to PNU in the contested 2007 elections and overwhelmingly voted for the PNU candidate – Mwai Kibaki. In the four elections that Kibaki contested, the area overwhelmingly supported him. Chogoria is part of Tharaka Nithi Constituency. However the area had not produced an MP for over 20 years until 2007 when KANU candidate Japhet Kareke Mbiuki was elected as the MP for Nithi. Prior to that, Nithi MP’s were from the Chuka side of the constituency.


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More About Kenya

Kenya is a world unto itself. Kenya is Africa’s original safari destination, attracting explorers, adventurers, and travelers for centuries. A safari to Kenya is a trip of a lifetime.

Other Towns in Kenya

Apart from Nairobi , Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, and Chogoria town, Kenya has other major towns each a unique representation of the country’s striking abundance in flora and fauna. Most of these towns are headquarters in their respective counties or major economic bases in their regions. Luxury hotels and lodges located here provide good accommodation and conferencing facilities for guests who dare to try out a taste different from the capital or the coast.

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Hotels and Accommodation in Kenya

Hotels in Kenya vary enormously in price and facilities. Luxury hotels in Kenya offer excellent standards of service and are comparable to the best hotels anywhere in the world. Kenya’s abundance of natural produce, combined with the rich variety of cultures and traditions, has created a great culinary nation.

The fertile volcanic soil of the Rift Valley produces a bounty of fresh vegetables, while the coast is a great source of tropical fruit and fresh seafood. The Kenyan coast is also the home of the world-renowned Swahili cuisine, a blend of Middle Eastern and African cooking with a particular coastal twist.

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Tourist Attractions in Kenya:

Kenya has one of the world’s greatest tourist attractions sites, known for its diversity of landscape, wildlife, and cultures. From sweeping savannahs to tropical beaches and coral reef, dense equatorial forests to mighty snow-capped mountains, and more.

For more information visit: Tourists Attractions in Kenya

Kenya Safari

Kenya is the ultimate safari destination, providing travelers with a window into the heart of Africa. But this is not all that Kenya has to offer. Located near the equator, Kenya´s magic lies in the fact that the country encompasses an astounding variety of landscapes and climates, flora and fauna, as well as communities and cultures, home to water sports, a swim with dolphins and adventure.

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The Kenyan People Culture and Tradition

Kenya’s culture blends together diverse tribes, traditions, and religions into one beautiful, well-woven tapestry.  These traditions complement each other while incorporating the modern influences of globalization – resulting in a vibrant cultural spirit that is uniquely Kenyan. Kenya has over 42 different tribes with different languages and several dialects. Kenyan tourism has made the Maasai and Samburu tribes the most famous because of their long preserved culture.

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