LA Clipper Reporter Kristina Pink Does Not Have A Husband Or Boyfriend For Now

The newly appointed L.A. Clipper host Kristina Pink is considered a woman of integrity and many are wondering about her husband and love life.

So far we know that she is unmarried and does not have a partner at the moment. She is a bachelorette who is busy climbing the ladder of success.

Likewise, Kristina made headlines as she slipped on water and fell headfirst on the ground recently. The scene looked painful and funny at the same time, but one should never laugh at others” misfortunes.

When Kristina was interviewing Amir Coffey, his friend poured Gatorade on him as a win for the celebration and those high heels and slippery floor only made it worse for her as she hit the ground hard.

After the incident, many fans are wondering if Kristina is available not and if she has a husband waiting for her at the end of the day.

But the icon has not revealed if she is dating anyone at the moment but soon the sports illustrator might give us some deets on her love life.

A journalist who is ridiculed for her gender and has gotten past those hurdles in life may have someone secretly hidden in her personal life.

Kristina Pink Salary And Net Worth Details

Kristina Pink makes a salary of around $100,000 dollars per year and has a net worth of $750,000 dollars.

Her income is attributed to her career as a FOX Sports Network and L.A. Clippers. She has been serving as the sideline reporter for quite a long time.

Kristina’s very first big break came in 2008 when she began working as a sports reporter for WDBD-TV. WDBD-TV was based out of Jackson, Mississippi.

During that time, she covered the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl in 2010.

Kristina Pink Wikipedia And Bio

Kristina Pink is a talented journalist and reporter according to Wikipedia. Kristina was born on 12 March 1985 in Miami, Florida, US. There she attended high school in Pembroke Pines.

She started broadcasting news when she was in college, the University of Florida. She delivered stories for her university and served as a broadcaster for several radio stations.

She then graduated from the University with a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications in December 2007.

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Kristina joined FOX Sports in the year 2012 and since then has been a part of the media giants.

She has worked alongside many notable reporters and analysts such as Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Mike Perreira, and Erin Andrews.

She has also covered the Wild Card Playoffs, Division Playoffs, and the AFC Championship Games during the 2018-19 Playoffs.