Crime | Are James Stein and Brother Justin Stein Arrested?

James Stein did not get arrested, but his brother Justin Stein got arrested.

As a child went missing from the wedding garden he owned, James got summoned by the New South Wales police for questioning. However, he was not the suspect.

However, his brother Justin, also the dad to be of the little girl, got charged with the murder of the innocent child, Charlize Mutten.

We hope Stein gets the sentence he deserves if he was the one who committed the crime, and may justice be prevailed against Charlize.

Wildenstein Charlize Mutton Found Dead

Charlize Mutten was a nine years old girl who was found dead near the Wildenstein Private Gardens.

Mutten went missing while attending a private wedding ceremony at the private garden with her mom.


However, after a week of digging, her remains were found in the Blue Mountains, and the suspect is his stepdad, Justin Stein.

May the departed soul of the little girl rest in peace, and may God provide strength to her mother, Kallista Mutten, to get through the pain of losing her kid.

James Stein Age

The present age of James Stein might be around 30-40 years old.

James’s actual age and date of birth are missing on the internet, so we are unsure how old he is.

However, as per some sources, his brother Justin is 32 years old, so he might also be in his late 20s, mid-30s, or early 40s.

Moreover, Stein might also be married, but the information relating to her wife and children is not available as he has kept himself away from the social media world.

James Stein Wikipedia: Mt Wilson Sydney Wedding

 James Stein is a wedding event planner who has not made it to the official page of Wikipedia yet.

The event planner owns the Mt Wilson Sydney Wedding based in Blue Mountains, New South Wales.

However, there is insufficient background and educational information about James because his biography has yet to be featured on some reliable internet sources.

In addition, Stein is also not active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. He appears to prefer to live his life quietly, spending time with his family and friends without bragging about it on social networking sites.