Did Algee Smith Quit Euphoria? 

Rising star, Algee Smith is speculated to be written off due to his vaccine views. However, he can be seen in season 2, episode 1 of the series, Euphoria portraying the role of Chris McKay.

Fans were worried and wondered when they could not find Algee in the trailers for the new season.

Some of his admirers are tweeting about how Algee was written off but it might just be rumors as it has not been confirmed.

Smith said, “I can no longer wait for the second season of Euphoria! I”m happy to be back and to be with the Euphoria family.” in an interview with Schon.

But the actor has not posted anything about the newest season on any social media platform which led fans to question if he still going to be in season 2.

Speaking of the season 2 premiere in early January, Algee was absent while the rest of the cast was present.

It might be because of his new movie Mother/Andriod on Hulu with Chloe Grace Mortez on 17 December.

Algee Smith Anti Vax Rumors and Controversy

Algee Smith is rumored to be kicked off the Euphoria due to controversial views on vaccines.

Similarly, Algee is likely not vaccinated for covid which might be the reason for his absence in the premiere of Euphoria as well as his new movie.

However, if the anti-vax and controversy about Algee Smith are searched there is not much information about it.

Regardless, it was Brian Bradley who reportedly left the series in the midst of filming and Algee replaced him during the filming of season 1.

Is Algee Smith Really Leaving?

It is not confirmed whether Algee Smith is leaving Euphoria and him getting kicked off as the fans are talking all over the web might be just rumors.

The actor himself has not revealed anything and is keeping things private.

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It might just be a fluke that has been going around just because of his absence in the premier and series trailer.