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Do the cast of Money Heist speak English?


Hold on tight to your seat as Tokyo takes you through her version of the events that occurred before and after the Money Heist as Professor’s brilliant plans unfold. Watch as Raquel Murillo, the hardened inspector falls deeply for the professor and gives up her upright profession to a life of crime for love.

We were wowed, dismayed at the death and celebrated with their successes, but do you ever wonder if they could actually speak English with the fluency and confidence their voice dubs did? Well yes, it is a thought that should cross any Money Heist’s avid follower at some point. Here are some of the Actors on the Money Heist we can confirm can hold comfortable conversations in English.

Ursula Corbero: Ursula who plays the narrator and the main protagonist in the series, Tokyo speaks fluent Spanish, Catalan and English. In July 2021, Snake Eyes, a spin-off of G.I Joe, she can be found speaking English as played the Baroness, the villain for the movie.

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Alvaro Morte:  Apart from playing genius masterminds like the Professor, He is known to have a good command of the English language.


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Itziar Ituño: Although the actress that portrayed the hardened inspector, we have come to love is not known for speaking English, she is set to star in a short animated  English stop motion “Salvation has no name”. So your guess is as good as mine.

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Pedro Alonso: The actor who portrayed our beloved. ‘Berlin” is known to be ambidextrous and quite fluent in English.


As for the other Cast Members, we can not confirm their English proficiency but we hope to hear more from them in the future.

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