The current girlfriend of Brandon Hatmaker and his ex-wife, Jen Hatmaker, seems to be the subject of much speculation among fans. To learn more about his relationship predicament, read the story below.

The news of the separation of Brandon and his ex-wife Jen has been the talk of the town right now.

It all started when Jen filed for divorce from Brandon in August 2020, after marrying him in 1993.

However, the cause for their split was kept under wraps by the pair as there were no justifications given in the divorce filing.

Does Brandon Hatmaker Have A New Girlfriend?

Brandon Hatmaker has not revealed anything about his new girlfriend. As of now, Brandon is content with his existence as a single man.

When it comes to his divorce from Jen, the reason for their split is still being investigated.

There are various theories that Brendon was having an affair with someone else. However, because it is only a rumor, the details cannot be validated.

Brandon’s ex-wife, Jen Hatmaker, had been married to him for over twenty-five years.

Before getting married, the couple had been in a romantic relationship for a while.

As a result, when the news of their divorce reached their fans, friends, and family, they were completely taken aback.

What Happened To Brandon Hatmaker Ex-Wife Jen Hatmaker?

Jen Hatmaker, the ex-wife of Brandon Hatmaker, seems to be doing fine right now.

However, With her newest Instagram post, the Christian author/podcaster made several followers cry.

Moreover, the author chronicled her difficult journey through trauma and heartbreak.

While on the contrary,  Jen just updated her Instagram account, stating that she had met someone new.

She appears to have moved on from her heartbreak. And right now, she is trying her best to build a better life for herself.

Brandon Hatmaker Wiki Bio Revealed

Currently, the Wiki bio of Brandon Hatmaker is unavailable. However, we’ve gathered some information about him for you.

Brandon is best known for writing the book Barefoot Church.

Moreover, He is also a pastor, philanthropist, social entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Aside from that, he and his ex-wife Jen Hatmaker were the buzz of the town after appearing on an HGTV show.

Chatting about the show, the Hatmaker’s family was the show’s highlight as they demonstrated their religious beliefs to the audience.

How Much Is Brandon Hatmaker Worth? His Net Worth Revealed

The net worth of Brandon Hatmaker is estimated to be over a million dollars.

Brandon has made a lot of money as a writer. But, most of the time, his books were among the best-selling titles.

He is also active in several businesses. As a result, he earns enough money to support himself and his family.

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