Does Nick Patti have a girlfriend? Yes, the quarterback seems to have had a beautiful girlfriend for a long time.


Nick Patti is an American Football Quarterback for the University of Pittsburgh. The younger player has recently earned Pitt’s respect in his recent game.

In September 2019, he debuted for Pitt against Delaware and targeted Taysir Mack and Maurice Ffrench. He is known as the hardworking player in Pitt. 

He has gained tremendous respect from his teammates and coaches for his hard work and skills. He has become an inspirational sports player for newcomer players.

Tim Salem, Pitt’s tight ends coach, said that he is No.1 and a worker. According to him, Nick is always prepared for practice and understands the offense, reads, and communicates. 

QB: Does Nick Patti Have A Girlfriend? 

Nick Patti, the quarterback, seems to have a girlfriend from his school days.

However, it is not clear whether she is his girlfriend or not. He shared a photo with a girl mentioning her as the third wheel of his life.

Through his Instagram account @nick_patti12, he mentioned her as his girl too. He shared the photo on October 12, 2015. 

He hasn’t shared any photos of her recently and hasn’t disclosed any information about his private life. Probably, he knows that the media wants spices, and he doesn’t want to be a part of that spice. 


Possibly, he might still be in a relationship with her. They are not broken up yet; if so, he would have deleted the photo.  

Nick Patti Age & Height -Find Him On Wikipedia 

The middle-aged Nick Patti is currently not available on Wikipedia. He stands at the height of 6 feet and 3 inches.

His biography has no worries since many sports sites have featured him. Pittsburgh panthers reveal he is a redshirt junior who plays as quarterback for Pittsburgh.

Since he is a junior player, he is currently at the age of 21. As reported on the source, he is one of his country’s top 20 pro-style quarterbacks.

ESPN prospected him as the No. 23 in New Jersey while 247Sports listed him at No. 20. As of 2019, he played in six games for 301 years with three touchdowns.

Nick Patti Parents-Their identity Revealed.

Quarterback Nick Patti was born to supportive parents. 

The player has revealed the identity of his parents on social media. However, he is the son of Joseph and Kathleen Patti. He is grown up with his brother.

He was born on 29the March 2000. He becomes an emerging football star because of his parents’ support and hard work.

As of 2020, he enrolled in two contests: Notre Dame and Florida State. He completed 2-of- passes for 17 yards and had a five total carried for 3 yards against Seminoles.

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