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Domain Service Godaddy: This Is Why The Company Is Trending


GoDaddy has been the talk of  Twitter after customers had been threatening to boycott the corporate. Before we proceed, what does GODADDY do, and why are they trending on Twitter? GODADDY is a web hosting company known for its raunchy TV ads.

The corporate reportedly had allowed the area on their platform that lets Texans snitch on one another anonymously if they think anyone is contemplating an abortion.

A Texas law banning abortion at 6 weeks, which is before most people even realize they’re pregnant or have missed a period, officially took effect on Wednesday, Sept. 1, months after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed it last May.  The law prohibits abortions before many women even know they’re pregnant, and it will be hard to challenge in the courts. It gives any individual the right to sue doctors who perform an abortion past the six-week point.

GoDaddy spokesman, Dan C. Race informed Gizmodo of the company’s decision,  “We have informed they have 24 hours to move to another provider for violating our terms of service.


GoDaddy’s terms of service stated that “clients can’t use its platform in a fashion that “violates the privateness or publicity rights of one other Consumer or every other particular person or entity, or breaches any responsibility of confidentiality that you just owe to a different Consumer or every other particular person or entity.”

Social media trolls began placing fake tips on, including identities of fictional characters from Marvel’s Avengers. Different customers reportedly posted the whole script to the 2007 animated movie Bee Film.

What  Twitter users had to say about GoDaddy;

People on Twitter were praising the social media trolls and GoDaddy for booting off the whistleblower domain on their website.

  • One user wrote: “We should not stop this do it continuously so that they cannot differentiate real and fake ones!”
  • Another wrote: “You have to appreciate the irony of a website that encourages citizens to be snitches getting shut down by citizens snitching on them.”

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