The people’s favorite electrician Frank Cozzolino has been rumored to have been ill or sick on social media; however, this is an unwarranted rumor. Let’s find out more about the electrician’s health. 


The news of him getting sick started to circulate after his appearance in Mike Holmes’s YouTube show, where talked about electrical issues. Both of them discussed the various rules and regulations that surround the electrical issues in house and construction.

Spending decades in this industry, he is an expert and can give people proper knowledge about what goes behind the electrical industry, an essential part of modern life. The main of both Holmes and Cozzolino is to educate people about construction.

As per Fans, Electrician Frank Cozzolino Has An Illness

There is news spreading across the internet that claims that Frank is sick but it looks like a hoax because there has not been any official statement from him or people close to him claiming that he is sick.

On top of that, his last post on Instagram is 2 days ago, so even if he is sick, he must be suffering from something minor. He is active on Instagram and goes by the handle name solutions_electrical_. Solution Electrical & Maintainance LTD is his company.


On Instagram, he has more than 1000 followers. His appearance on Holmes sho has helped him to increase this number and his business. He is believed by his customers for his service and dedication to the job.

Since he has been in this industry for decades, he has a good understanding of laws and regulations surrounding electrical code and policy, so the construction he does is according to the rules of the government.

Frank Cozzolino Wikipedia & Family Details

It is quite rare that the electrician gets fame for his job and Frank is among those rare people. He is an expert in the field and a close friend of Mike Holmes. He has been seen with Mike talking about electrical rules.

Much information about his family is unavailable to the public, but he is likely a married man with kids. The only portion of his life exposed to the public is professional life, not personal life. He loves the job he does by heart.

His company does wring of the big complex to the small residence. If people are interested in him and want him to work on their house electrical issue, they can visit his website where detailed information about the service is given.

Besides that, his social media are a very good source to get updates about his life and the next big ventures he is going to take.

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