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Elian Gonzalez Story: Where Is He Today? Cuban Boy Found On Florida Coast – What Happened To Him?

Elian Gonzalez Story: Where Is He Today? As a toddler in 2000, Elian Gonzalez, a Cuban techie, was entangled in international custody and immigration issues between the Cuban and US governments.


Elian Gonzalez is a Cuban-American who landed in the United States in 1999 in a boat that capsized, killing nearly everyone on board.

Elian Gonzalez Story: Where Is He Today? Cuban Boy Found On Florida Coast - What Happened To Him?

Despite his father’s demands to bring his five-year-old kid back to Cuba, his Miami-based family insisted on keeping him in the United States. The young boy was utilized as a political pawn in the decades-long confrontation between the Cuban government and anti-communist Miami Cuban exiles.

After months of legal wrangling, federal authorities invaded the Miami relatives’ home to seize Elian and bring him to his father. The Elian Gonzalez case is regarded as a historic moment in US-Cuban relations.

Elian Gonzalez Story: Where Is He Today & What Happened To Him?

Elizabeth Brotons Rodrguez, González’s mother, drowned in November 1999 while attempting to flee Cuba with her lover taking five-year-old Elian with them. Elián was discovered nestled in an inner tube drifting in the sea three miles off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The decision to return Elian to his father has sparked global controversy, fueled by the Cuban exile community’s strong opposition to his return to a regime from which so many have fled. After a long international custody struggle, the US government forcibly abducted Elian Gonzalez, then 5-years-old, from his relatives’ house in Little Havana, Miami, to reunite him with his father in Cuba.

At present, he works for a government-run firm as a technology specialist. Moreover, A documentary film titled “Elian” premiered after the critical occasion in the history of Cuban-American relations.


How Old Is Elian Gonzalez? Age 2022

Elian Gonzalez, the Cuban boy who was the subject of an international custody fight in 2000, is now 28 years old.

He was born to his parents, Juan Miguel Gonzalez (father) and Elizabeth Brotons Rodriguez (mother), on December 6, 1993, in the port city of Cardenas, on Cuba’s northern coast.

Even though his parents separated in 1991, they chose to begin a family. They divorced for good in 1996, yet they stayed together as co-parents.

Elian Gonzalez Job: What He Does For A Living?

Elian Gonzalez enrolled in the military academy in 2010 and, afterward, went to the University of Matanzas to study industrial engineering. He earned his bachelor’s degree in 2016 and now works for a government-run firm as a technology specialist.

While Elian’s father, Juan Miguel, works as a bartender, the same job he had before the international custody struggle, he serves up Pina Coladas to his customers.

Elian, a member of the Union de Jovenes Comunistas, the Cuban Communist Party’s youth group, has become one of the most ardent advocates of the Revolution in his generation.

Elian Gonzalez Wife & Children Today

Elian Gonzalez has a beautiful wife named Ilianet Escano, who was his high school sweetheart. She got her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Biology.

Gonzalez, meanwhile, revealed in 2020 on Facebook that he and his partner were expecting a baby girl. The beautiful family must be thriving in love and harmony.

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