The desire for instant gratification is something we might all be guilty of, to a greater or lesser extent. Even non-celebs, like us, tend to have quite a sense of entitlement when it comes to wanting things with a ‘right here, right now!’ attitude. Some sectors understand this more than others. If we take online casinos as one example it’s quite telling.

The fact that one can register and play their games offerings whenever and wherever, means possible queries may arise at any time of day – hence the feature of 24/7 customer service. Yet, certain players fail to appreciate the support offered from representatives as if they have some God-given right to be rude. And it is this very god complex is exactly what certain celebrities tend to be notorious for… If you’re not sure what we mean, you’ll want to read on and cringe at these celeb faux pas; surely, these disgustingly embarrassing moments will make you appreciate your anonymity even more by the time you reach the end of this article.

#1. Kim Kardashian’s ‘advice’ about women in business 

In an interview with Variety, back in 2022, Kardashian stated: “Get your f—ing ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.” This comment sparked a huge backlash on social media, and it was described as “tone deaf” and coming from a position of privilege. Professionals also gave their input about Kardashian’s comment, claiming that such messages pose real danger to celeb fans especially the younger and more impressionable ones. In particular, a career coach highlighted that the idea that our mindset is the only thing that keeps us back may make us feel like we are to blame. A better advice would be to take small steps every day to achieve what we really want.

#2. Bella Hadid Trying Too Hard To Appear Like One Of Us

On Life in Looks, Bella reflected about her life as a child which, she tells us, had nothing to do with fashion, back then. She added: “I never, growing up, had anything designer. My mom wouldn’t let me.”

This comment sparked a storm on social media, with followers sarcastically describing her comment as “so sad…imagine being denied the basic right of having a designer item”. Another one commented: “she wanted this to be deep so badly.” Still others were outraged by the sense of entitlement of this comment, reminding her that “there are people that are dying.”

#3. Chrissy Teigen’s Inappropriate Joke On Twitter

Back in 2019 Teigen tweeted that her mum “buys a few [Airpods] a month” and “says they would be easier to not lose if they had…a cord”. This joke didn’t go down quite well with followers who considered this as Teigen boasting about her disposable income. The tweet also triggered a discussion about wealth inequality, with people reminding the celeb that people are dying in the country “cause they can’t afford insulin”.


#4. Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner Taking Up Disabled People’s Parking Spots

Talk about entitlement? Case in point. These two were under fire for their repeated use of disabled parking spots at a Pilates studio just because these reserved areas suited them better. Jenner was caught on camera twice pulling her Mercedes G-wagon into disabled parking spots at two different locations, sparking outrage online. As for Hailey, she didn’t even bother to park in a parking space! Instead, she left her SUV in the walkway that was specifically designated for disabled individuals to exit their cars safely. This caused people to flock to Twitter to voice their indignation at such “disrespectful” “privileged” and “spoiled” behavior.

#5. Reese Witherspoon Telling Off A Police Officer 

Back in 2013, Jim Toth, who was Reese Witherspoon husband back then, was stopped for driving under the influence. Things went from bad to worse when Reese, who was in the car with him, used her fame as a weapon. She got out of the car and rudely asked the police officer whether he knows who she is, but he was clueless. So Toth got arrested for DUI while she was also arrested for her misconduct. After sobering up and coming to her senses, Reese apologized for her actions, admitting that she’d had a bit too much to drink. She even expressed regret for disrespecting the officer, who was simply doing his job, and also confessed to being frightened for her husband, although “that is no excuse”, she added.

#6. Rachel Griffiths’ Inconsiderate Instagram Post 

“Shallow I know …. America is burning people are dying … but still it just seems easier on the soul to watch all this happening with beautiful nails.” We’re not kidding, this is what Australian actress Rachel Griffiths actually posted on Instagram following the death of George Floyd, in the midst of the pandemic! In the blink of an eye, the internet lit up in shock, and Griffiths soon deleted the post and shared a lengthy apology. She emphasized that she didn’t intend to trivialize the current situation, but was rather trying to escape it. Still, she acknowledged the fact that some of us “can’t look away from what’s happening” because it’s “their brothers, their sisters, their children.”

#7. Addison Rae’s Comment That Got Her Fired 

The 20-year-old social-media-influencer-turned-actress got fired after she tweeted that she managed to land a job with UFC as an on-air reporter, even though she simply had a 3-month course in broadcast journalism to back her up. The fact that Rae was being so vocal about her getting a job despite her lack of qualification didn’t go down well with social media users who described her tweet as “tone-deaf” and highlighted how unfair it is “to brag about how unqualified you are.”

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