Erica Early is most known for her connection with the rapper Chief Keef. She had come to popularity on the internet around 2013 and 2014 for being Chief Keef’s baby mama.

Chief Keef is a rapper who is currently 25 years old. In 2019, Erica had pressed charges against him for not paying child support. He was also arrested back in 2014 for the same charges. Apart from her situation with Keef, much about Erica Early is not known to the public. She has been living a very low key life outside the media’s view. 

Name Erica Early
Age 44
Gender Female
Height Around 5 feet 9 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Children Kimora Cozart

10 Facts about Erica Early

Erica Early has not revealed her exact birth date to the public yet. But she is currently 44 years of age.As mentioned earlier, she was Cheif Keef’s baby mama and she gave birth to her daughter Kimora Cozart in 2013.She filed a paternity lawsuit against the rapper in 2013 when their daughter was four months old. In the end, she won the lawsuit. It was also decided that Keef had to pay an alleged amount of $10K a month for child support.Erica Early had an Instagram account under the username “japanededoll1”. However, it seems like she had deleted this account.In 2019, she filed another lawsuit against Keef claiming that he has not paid child support and owes almost $500,000.Keith Cozart or Cheif Keef reportedly has about nine baby mamas including Early.When Kimora was born, Erica was 26 years old and Keef was just 16. The baby mama is not available on any social media platform and is living a life of privacy outside of the internet. Erica Early was also accused of many negativities following the lawsuit in 2013 as the rapper was still a minor when the baby was born.

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