Euphoria Star Dominic Fike Belongs To Filipino Ethnicity 

Euphoria is adding up diversity to the show with Dominic Fike who belongs to the Filipino ethnicity. As he is seemingly going to be a big part of the show, he has been in the spotlight. 

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This is Fike’s first gig as an actor on the second season of the popular HBO show, Euphoria. Most certainly, the role has given him a new hike in his career as a public figure. This only didn’t bring more fan following but his personal life also became a matter of interest. 

Before making his big debut on popular TV shows, he grew to fame as a musician on SoundCloud. In August, he released one of his highly-anticipated debut albums, What Could Possibly Go Wrong. After his project went viral, Columbia Records signed him. 

Followingly, he has also collaborated with many artists like Halsey, Justin Bieber, and Paul McCartney. While talking about his presence on the show with Variety, he jokingly said that this project feels like a long music video. 

Meet The Parents Of Dominic Fike: Does He Have Brothers In His Family?

The parents of Dominic Fike are still staying low-key despite being celebrity parents. As per the reports, his mother was facing a drug charge. Born on December 30th, 1995, Fike grew up with his younger brother, Alex, older brother, Sean, and his sister, Apollonia. 

He started playing music when he was just 10 years old when he got a guitar. Though most of his before-fame life is under the wrap, he has shared some of his life details on the Internet. 

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When Fike released his first album, he was in jail for the battery of a police officer. Talking about his charges, he said he was in the wrong place and at the wrong time with his brother. 

Fike has been sober for a while now and has been working hard to upgrow his career in the entertainment industry. Back when he signed the contract with Columbia, he revealed he needed money for his mother.

Is Dominic Fike Dating His Girlfriend?

The new Euphoria star Dominic Fike is dating his girlfriend, Diana Silvers. The couple does not really open up about their relationship on the Internet. However, they do have featured each other on their respective social media. 

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During one of their interviews, Fike mentioned he would love Diana to go to his shows and want her to be in his premieres. They are most certainly a couple of goals.