Euphoria: Sophia Rose Wilson Wikipedia – A Short Biography

Sophia Rose Wilson is an American actress who first-ever appeared in one of the series of HBO is Euphoria. She played a role in that series as BB. 

Rose is from Columbus, Ohio that she mentioned in her Facebook account, and she is also residing in Ohio.

She appeared alongside actress zendaya that means she is a co-starring in that series on the first season of HBO television.

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Sophia was born on March 16, 2001, in one of the cities of the United States, and she holds an American identity.

Sophia Rose didn”t have a wiki page until now, but she has a page on IMDB with her performance.

Euphoria: Sophia Rose Wilson Age – How Old Is She?

Sophia Rose Wilson is 20 years old as of 2021. 

She was born in Pisces, United States, on March 16, 2001, in April of 2018, She posted her first post-social media like Instagram. She debuted in 2019 for the role BB in Euphoria.


She is only 20 years old. She started a career as an actress. We wish her best of luck to get success in her future.

Euphoria: Sophia Rose Wilson Parents 

Sophia Rose didn’t make public any information regarding his parents and her twin sister Heather.

So we can’t mention her parents’ names here. She only public her sister’s name, which is heather, and not more than that.

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We will update every details about her parents and twin sister heather if she speaks more about her in the future.

Meet Sophia Rose Wilson Boyfriend On Instagram

Sophia Rose is on Instagram with the username of @sophiarosewilson. She has 11.4k followers and 271 following on her Instagram account. We can assume that she is single because there are no details regarding whether she has a boyfriend.

She has 92 posts on her Instagram account, and she posts her selfies most. She also posts pictures with her best friend that was mentioned in her post, but not much information public about him. 

Sophia also joined Twitter in January 2015, which is seven years with the username of @sophia Rose Wilson. She has only 154 followers and 290 followings.

We will learn more about her boyfriend if she speaks more about it later.