Ray Epps, an Arizona Trump supporter, joined the Capitol crowd on January 6 and is now the subject of a fictitious conspiracy theory promoted by politicians and the former president.


Ray is a retired United States Marine who owns the Knotty Barn, a wedding and event venue near Queen Creek.

He is a Trump supporter who reportedly has long-standing ties to the Oath Keepers, a far-right anti-government group founded shortly after former President Barack Obama’s election in 2008.

At the time, Epps was the group’s primary point of contact with the media, and he granted interviews. When Stewart Rhodes delivered a speech at the chapter’s dinner, he was photographed with Rhodes, the national organization’s founder and executive director.

Rhodes was most recently charged with seditious conspiracy in connection with the January 6 incident. He was recently indicted on seditious conspiracy charges in connection with the events of January 6.

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Former Federal Agent Ray Epps Claims To Be A Victim Of Jan 6 Conspiracy Theory

Ray Epps and his wife Robyn Epps were chosen to represent a conspiracy theory that, as it gained popularity, threatened their lives.

He unwittingly became a spokesperson for a pro-Trump campaign that sought to spread the false narrative that the F.B.I. was behind the Capitol attack.

As a result, he has suffered greatly over the last ten months as a result of right-wing media figures and Republican lawmakers falsely labeling him as a secret government agent who helped plan the attack on the Capitol last year.


On January 6, Mr. Epps wasn’t just a bystander. He went to Washington to support Mr. Trump, was caught on camera inciting supporters to gather at the Capitol, and was present on the day of the attack.

However, as this conspiracy theory about the F.B.I. spread to the mainstream, a series of events threatened his life.

Is Ray Epps Arrested?

Former Marine Ray Epps Is not arrested yet. However, the FBI confirmed that Mr. Epps contacted them and agreed to a meeting as soon as he learned he was being investigated for his role in the riot.

Even though he wasn’t one of the hundreds of Capitol rioters who were arrested and charged, he claimed that the subsequent incidents destroyed his life after he visited Washington, D.C., to support former president Donald Trump.

There was no peaceful end for Ray, the man who became the pivot of a right-wing conspiracy to blame the Capitol riot on the FBI.

Before the Capitol riot, supporters of former President Donald Trump were making up stories to relieve the pain of cognitive dissonance. According to the first report, Capitol Police invited the protesters inside. The second was that, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Antifa was behind the riot.

Where is Ray Epps’s Wife Robyn And Family Now?

According to The New York Times, after Epps became the center of a conspiracy theory, he was forced to sell both his Arizona home and his business.

He and his wife packed their belongings into shipping containers and moved to a mobile home in the foothills of the Rockies out of fear for their safety and uncertainty about the future.

Former Federal Agent also told that he and his wife began receiving death threats via email and had people trespassing on their property in October when right-wing website Revolver News first reported on it. The attacks became more intense after Fox News host Tucker Carlson and lawmakers promoted the allegations.

According to Open Corporates, The Open Database of The Corporate World, Epps and his wife Robyn were reportedly relieved of their duties as officers on May 8, 2021.

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