Former MIC politician Tan Sri Subramaniam’s death occurred during his sleep. How did he die?


According to the surfacing reports, former MIC deputy president, Tan Sri Subramaniam, is no more with us. His departure was announced by his son on late Tuesday.

The Indian-Malaysian politician served four terms as a Segamat MP in Malaysia. He is remembered for his great contribution to the Malaysian political world.

What was MIC Tan Sri Subramaniam’s Death Cause?

Former MIC deputy president Tan Sri Subramaniam’s death cause has been cited as natural reasons.

The sad news was shared by his son on July 5, 2020. According to Subramaniam’s son, his father passed away peacefully in his sleep. He reportedly took his last breath around 8 pm on Tuesday.

Tan Sri Subramaniam was 78 years old in age.

For the past 11 years, the politician had been struggling with his life after suffering a stroke. In 2011, Sburamnaiam was hospitalized for several days and even went under two brain surgeries to treat the condition. Though he barely survived, he was bedridden after that unfortunate day.

Subramaniam’s funeral will take place on July 7, 2022. The ceremony will be held at his household residence located in Section 16, Petaling Jaya.

Tan Sri Subramaniam Family Status: Wife and Children Details


Tan Sri Subranaiam is now surivived by his wife, Puan Seri Tina Subramaniam.

Paun Seri is 70 years old and 8 years old younger than her late husband. She was married to Tan for several decades and supported him in both thick and thin, including his issues with health.

Similarly, Tan Sri Subranaiam also leaves his three children behind.

He was a loving father to two sons and a daughter. Among his two sons, Sunther was one to inform about his father’s departure. Moreover, Subranaiam also has a sister named Sarojini.

The family must be in utter pain after the loss of a loving family member. There are no reports of Paun’s situation right now.

Twitter Floods with Tan Sri Subramaniam Tributes

Shortly after the announcement of Tan Sri Subramaniam’s demise, Twitter flooded with his tribute and obituary.

The ninth prime minister of Malaysia, Ismail Sabri, also paid his respect as he wrote (translated), “Received news of the passing of Tan Sri S. Subramaniam, former MIC Deputy President who passed away last night. He was a former Member of Parliament for Damansara and Member of Parliament for Segamat who did a lot for the Malaysian Family.”

Subramaniam was an instrumental part of Malaysian politics. He served as the Segamat member of parliament from 1990-2004. He was finally overtaken by Datuk Seri G. Palanivel as the MIC Deputy in 2006.

Likewise, he was also a former deputy minister. He primarily worked in the housing and local government, domestic trade and consumer affairs and agriculture departments. Moreover, Tan also served as Damansara MP from 1974 to 1982.

We send our love, support, and sympathy to Tan Sri Subramaniam’s friends and family. May they find strength in these difficult times. Thank You.

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