The former President has just passed away due to some health issue. May his departed soul will rest peacefully in heaven.


Fidel Ramous was born in April 1998 and was raised on Lingayen Pangasinan during childhood. Fidel Ramous’s full name is Fidel Valdez Ramous; he is also known by his short name VFR.

Fidel belongs to his father, Narciso, a lawyer, journalist, and a five-term legislator of the House of Representatives. He got the position of secretary of Foreign Affairs during his period.

Moreover, Ramos is the only career military officer who reached the rank of five-star general admiral de jure from the second lieutenant up to the commander in the dominant armed force. Many widely credited and admired him for revitalizing and renewing international confidence in the Philip economy.

Furthermore, he has already retired from his post. Since his retirement, he has remained politically active, serving as an adviser to his successors.

Fidel Ramos Death Cause And Obituary

As of the recent news, former President Fidel Valdez Ramos is no more with us due to complications of COVID 19.

The military leader passed away at the age of 94. During his period, he was generally regarded as one of the most influential presidents in the nation’s history.

Moreover, this virus has taken the lives of many peoples, and this virus has been spread all over the world. Even though the people are using a Covid shield, they are still being a victim of Covid Positive.

The politician was educated at the U.S Military Academy at West Point, N.Y, and the University of Illinois, the U.S. He then entered the Philippine army, serving in Korea and Vietnam.

Furthermore, Fidel died due to the Covid positive, and detailed information about his death is yet to be revealed on the internet and social media.

Did Former Filipino President Passed Away

The former Filipino President passed away at 94 due to the Covid 19.


The Filipino President was seriously ill and died on 2022 July 31, as a recent report. Currently, Hospital where he was admitted, is yet to be published on the internet.

However, this virus has taken the lives of many civilizations, and many families have lost their family members. This virus has been spread worldwide for the past three years.

Furthermore, there is no proper medicine and treatment for this virus. People can quickly die if their immunity power is weak. The former President might have low immune power, which might be the reason for his death.

Know About Former President Fidel Ramos’s Wife And Networth

Former Presidental Ramos is married to his wife Amelita Jara Marinez. Fidel has a significantly growing network from 2020 to 2021; his net worth is estimated to be around one to five million.

Fidel Ramos’s primary source of income is only his political background. As of the information, he has not been involved in any business activity till now.

However, after searching the internet, we discovered that Fidel has five children. However, like other countries’ presidents, he has kept his children’s information private from the internet.

Fidel and her wife were living happily, Although because of covid positive, he is no more in this world. We wish his soul will rest peacefully in heaven.

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