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Read the article below to know about Hotaru Hagenezuka’s face reveal.

Haganezuka Face Reveal Chapter 117

In Chapter 117, Swordsmith Haganexuka revealed his true identity.

In the next shed, Gyokko slices Kozo Kanamori while frantically shielding Hotaru Haganezuka from the Demon.

Hotaru is preoccupied with fixing the sword Tanjiro handed him, unaware of their presence, murmuring about the incredible perfection of its manufacture.

Gyokko examines him and determines that he is not the chief owing to his age.

The Demon calls out to Hotaru, but he ignores him and continues to talk about the peculiarity of the blade, which perplexes Gyokko.

Envious of Hotaru’s devotion to his craft, Gyokko repeatedly cuts him and summons a new fish Demon to attack Kozo.

When Hotaru’s mask falls off as a result of the attack, showing his face, Kozo runs over to try to shake him out of his lethargy.

Gyokko is attempting to break the swordsmith’s steadfast resolve.

Reddit Thinks Swordsmith Is Good Looking

Swordsmith Haganexuka wears a haori with sunflower patterns and a broad woven hat with floral wind chimes dangling from the brim.

His face is disguised by a Hyottoko mask, which is wrapped around his head in spotted linen (wooden festival mask).

Hotaru has long, black hair, sharp eyes, and thickly sculpted brows when he is uncovered.

Hotaru, however, has several deep scars and cuts from the Demon all over his body, including an X-shaped scar on his face, and has lost the function of his left eye as a result of being attacked by Upper-Rank Five, Gyokko.

Hotaru Haganezuka Real Name and Demon Hunter Character Background

Hotaru Haganezuka is a fiery-tempered swordsmith who appears to be unconcerned about anything other than the swords he makes.

His passion for swords is so strong that he can talk about them for hours, which is unique even among Swordsmith Village residents.

He is easily annoyed by swordsmen who shatter his creations, particularly Tanjiro Kamado, regardless of the circumstances, due to the same love that drives him to manufacture swords.

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