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What to do on Halloween, which monster costumes are popular?

As every year, the last day of October in this year will be celebrated as Halloween, that is, Halloween. On this day, when different and creative costumes will compete with each other, witches, ghosts, scary decorations and colorful parties will be waiting for us. So what is Halloween, how is it celebrated, why is its icon a pumpkin? Here’s everything you’ve been wondering about Halloween:


What is Halloween?

The origin of Halloween dates back to the time when it was celebrated in ancient times, and the end of summer is the Samhain Festival, which means the beginning of winter. Pagans and Celts believe that on this special day, which is the feast of the harvest and when the transition between the seasons takes place, they also visited the old houses of the decedents and fires were lit to drive away evil spirits.

Costumes of the Halloween monsters

The emergence of Halloween costumes is also based on this belief. October November 31 – November 1 In ancient times, people wore costumes and masks of Scary Halloween monsters to protect themselves from evil spirits, who were believed to wander at night from October 31 to November 1. Dec. Over time, the costume tradition also became identified with the Samhain Festival, and for many years it was celebrated as Halloween.


When is Halloween / 2022

Tuesday October 31, Halloween in 2022 will be celebrated on the evening of Tuesday. Don’t be surprised if you see ghosts, zombies and monsters roaming the streets when you get out of work, school on Tuesday!

It is also the decoration of Halloween celebrations, colorful and colorful horror costumes, pumpkin games and Halloween. A night of horror movies can also be organized for Halloween, or night impressions can be organized at horror venues where you live. No matter what party you are going to attend, it is worthwhile to start researching for your costume now!

Recommendations for the most colorful Halloween parties

Parties with different concepts are held in many venues every year for Halloween. You can also investigate the Holiday parties held in your own city this year and participate in the appropriate one.

Choosing a different education when it comes to Halloween, arrange a Halloween party at home. We are offering you the most fun party of the year with cookies that you will prepare with special recipes of the holiday and decoration suggestions that will make your house look completely different.

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