Who was Kyle Ediger?

Kyle Ediger, a Hampton Public Schools teacher, died in a deadly train-car crash in York, Nebraska, on February 8, 2022. Kyle Ediger was more than a nine-year teacher and coach to the Hampton community. He was regarded as a member of the Hampton community. A brother. A friend.
(KLKN) – HAMPTON, Neb. – Kyle Ediger, a math teacher and boy’s basketball coach, was waiting for a train to pass at a railroad crossing on Tuesday night, shortly after his Hampton Hawks won a basketball game.
According to York County officials, a man identified as Joseph Stoltenberg, 43, hit Ediger’s car from behind with a stolen K-9 patrol vehicle, sending both vehicles onto a speeding train and killing both of them, as well as a K-9 dog named Nitro. To the residents of Hampton, Ediger was more than just a teacher and coach.


What caused the death of Kyle Ediger?

Kyle’s vehicle was rear-ended by a stolen police cruiser carrying a K-9 unit, which caused the accident.
According to official reports, police attempted to stop an erratic Ford truck driver near the crossroads of Road H and Road 15 in York County. Officers tried to stop him, but he escaped them, leading to an eight-minute chase.

Once the vehicle stopped, the suspect, later identified as Joseph Stoltenberg, got out and told the officers that he wanted to die. As he said this, his hands were hidden behind his back.
The suspect gained access and control of the canine unit police cruiser during the interaction with a K-9 still inside.
After a chase, the suspect halted the vehicle on the train tracks near19th Street and Delaware Avenue, with a train approaching.

The suspect then drove away, leaving the train between him and the officers on the chase. He whirled around and slammed the cruise into the rear of Kyle’s car. Kyle’s car had come to a complete halt at the railroad crossing, waiting for the train to pass. Kyle’s vehicle was driven into the railway by the impact, killing him, the suspect, and the police dog were all killed as a result of the injuries.
The accident is still being investigated, and more information will be released as soon as possible.


Hampton community is mourning the loss of a beloved teacher and coach.

Following Kyle Ediger’s death on Wednesday afternoon, a group of his former classmates and students gathered in front of a Hampton home to mourn the loss of their dear friend. The group was approached by Channel 8. They declined to go on camera, but they did share some stories about what made Ediger distinct.

Ediger’s 7th-grade student said she was difficult at times, despite her struggles.
she said, “Mr. Ediger always believed in me.”
A 29-year-old lady who attended high school with Ediger added, “He believed in everyone.”

Ediger attended Hampton Public School and graduated in 2008.
At 6’4″, a skilled athlete was described as having the ability to windmill dunk a basketball.
One of his friends stated :

“He could have played at Duke, but he wanted to teach in his hometown instead.” Ediger’s friends described him as a man who was loved and respected in his community for his generosity and faith in others.

According to a friend, Kyle Ediger was planning to marry this summer.
His loved ones are heartbroken at his sudden death. On Saturday, February 12, at 10:30 a.m., a memorial service will be held at the United Methodist Church in Aurora.
The visitation will be from 4 – 7 p.m. In Ediger’s honour, the Hampton High School alumni organisation establishes a scholarship fund.

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