Twitch streamer Shylily made fans curious as she has yet to do a face reveal.


Shylily is a computerized character made by a creator-illustrator called Lilly. Sources say that she was originally from Germany but moved to Denmark in the latter half. 

For her post-graduate studies, she chose The Netherlands and currently resides there with her cat Mana.

WE DID IT! 😭💙>200k on Twitchabsolutely mad! Ty so freaking much, AAAAAHCelebratory shrimp blast! PEWWWW!#shylily #vtuber #envtuber

— Shylily 🐬 Vtuber (@shylilytwitch) February 24, 2022

Twitch | Has Shylily Done A Face Reveal And What Is Her Real Name?

Shylily has revealed her real name to be Lilly but refrains from showing her face. She built up a persona as a digital character with the lore behind her origins. 

In July 2021, she showed a part of her face, disclosing how she looked while vtubing. Since she has not posted, we are unsure if it is her or a stock picture from the internet. If the photograph is genuine, she is a teenager of caucasian descent with light brown hair and small hands.

On the other hand, her digital character is an anime orca with long back hair and white streaks. Her outfit of choice is a blue robe, while her body has ancient markings. 

Shylily Age And Wikipedia – Who Is She?

According to the youtube fandom, Shylily was born on August 5, -2979, making her 5000 years old. The backstory of her character is sentimental as she was a child playing in a winter forest and got plunged into darkness.


The shock of the freezing water led her to the abyss as she slowly lost her consciousness. Suddenly, a glow awakened her inner being as her body floated towards the mysterious source of light. 

The foreign places feel weirdly comfortable, and she initiated a new destiny from then on.

Dark Souls video out now!!!!!

womp womp#shylily #vtuber #ENVtuber

— Shylily 🐬 Vtuber (@shylilytwitch) February 20, 2022

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Does Shylily Have A Boyfriend Or Partner- Who Is He?

Shylily does not have a boyfriend or a partner as she is a digital person. Her only relationship is with her collaborator and fans, whom she lovingly called shrimps.

You can follow her on Instagram with the account handle shylilytwitch and be part of her army of 11.8k followers. 

Battlesuit Orca! Congrats for the 28 DAYS SUBATHON (!) by the way, hell of an achievement!#ShylilyArt

— _afterBRNR (@IlVeronesi) February 28, 2022

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What Is The Net Worth Of Shylily – Earnings Explored

As of 2022, the net worth of Shylily is still under review, but we estimate it to be in the hundred thousand. She makes her living by working as a content creator for twitch. 

The Vtuber has a schedule of uploads from Monday to Friday and has over 200k subscribers. 

In the last month, Shylily has streamed for 91h 40m and has a viewership of around 200 people.

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