Hedy Lamarr, the illustrious actress and inventor, experienced a series of love stories that played out against the backdrop of Hollywood glamour and personal complexities. Her fifth husband, W. Howard Lee, added a touch of Texan charm to the narrative, bringing with him the world of oil and a tale that unfolded over six years.


W. Howard Lee, a Texas oilman, was not a stranger to the world of wealth and industry.

Born into a time when oil was a driving force in the Texas economy, Lee emerged as a figure associated with the fortunes and challenges of the oil business. His involvement in this dynamic industry positioned him as a man of influence in the Lone Star State.

In 1953, Hedy Lamarr and W. Howard Lee embarked on a journey of matrimony, adding a new chapter to the actress’s romantic saga.

Lee’s background as a Texas oilman brought a different flavor to the Hollywood icon’s life, introducing her to the world of wealth and power that extended beyond the glitz of Tinseltown.


While the marriage between Hedy Lamarr and W. Howard Lee endured for six years, it was not without its challenges. The couple found themselves embroiled in a year-long court battle, adding a layer of complexity to their union.

The reasons behind the legal dispute, much like the intricacies of their personal relationship, remained private, known only to those directly involved.

After six years of marriage, Hedy Lamarr and W. Howard Lee decided to part ways, and their divorce was finalized. The end of their union marked the conclusion of a chapter that had seen the intersection of Hollywood glamour and Texas oil wealth.

W. Howard Lee continued to navigate the world of Texas oil even after his marriage to Hedy Lamarr came to an end.

W. Howard Lee died on February 17, 1981, in Houston, TX at the age of 72.

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