In the vibrant world of Hollywood, where love stories often play out like scenes from a movie, Hedy Lamarr’s second marriage to Gene Markey adds a layer of intrigue to the actress’s romantic history. Gene Markey, an American writer, producer, screenwriter, and highly decorated naval officer, brought a unique blend of talent and experience to his union with the iconic actress.


Gene Markey, born in 1895, was a man of many talents. His career spanned the realms of writing, producing, and screenwriting, contributing significantly to the golden age of Hollywood. Markey’s creativity and prowess in storytelling earned him recognition and success in the competitive world of filmmaking.

In March 1939, Hedy Lamarr and Gene Markey embarked on a journey of love and partnership. Their union, set against the backdrop of Hollywood’s glamour and the looming shadow of World War II, represented a meeting of two minds deeply embedded in the entertainment industry.


Hedy Lamarr and Gene Markey’s marriage endured from 1939 to 1941, encapsulating a crucial period in both their lives. While the union was relatively short-lived, lasting only two years, it left an indelible mark on the personal histories of both individuals.

Gene Markey had been married twice before, both times to prominent film actresses. Hedy Lamarr, therefore, became his second wife in a line of marriages that connected him to the stars of the silver screen.

Following their divorce in 1941, both Hedy Lamarr and Gene Markey continued to make their marks in their respective fields. Lamarr, of course, continued her illustrious acting career and eventually gained recognition for her groundbreaking contributions to technology.

Gene Markey continued his work in Hollywood, leaving an enduring legacy in the world of film.

He died on May 1, 1980, in Miami Beach, FL at the age of 84.

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