Hedy Lamarr, the renowned actress, inventor, and Hollywood icon, lived a life that was as glamorous as it was complex.


A significant aspect of her personal journey involved six marriages to men whose lives intersected with hers in various ways.

  • Friedrich Mandl

Hedy Lamarr’s journey into matrimony began in 1933 with Friedrich Mandl, a wealthy Austrian munitions manufacturer. Mandl’s prominence in the arms industry cast a shadow over their marriage, with rumors suggesting that he attempted to control Lamarr’s career and even her social life. The marriage ended in 1937, marking the start of Lamarr’s venture into the tumultuous world of love and separation.

  • Gene Markey

Following the dissolution of her first marriage, Hedy Lamarr found love again with Gene Markey, a screenwriter, and producer. This union, which began in 1939, brought a touch of Hollywood to Lamarr’s personal life. However, the marriage was short-lived, culminating in divorce in 1941. Despite the brevity of their union, Markey left an indelible mark on Lamarr’s romantic journey.

  • John Loder

In 1943, Lamarr walked down the aisle for the third time, marrying John Loder, an actor. This marriage, lasting until 1947, was marked by the birth of two biological children, Denise and Anthony, and the adoption of a son, James, during her previous marriage to Gene Markey. Loder played a crucial role in Lamarr’s family life, contributing to the intricate tapestry of her personal story.

  • Ernest “Ted” Stauffer

Hedy Lamarr’s fourth husband was Ernest “Ted” Stauffer, a nightclub owner, restaurateur, and former bandleader. Their marriage, which took place in 1951, was relatively short-lived, ending in 1952. Stauffer’s role in Lamarr’s life brought a new dimension to her romantic pursuits, adding yet another chapter to her complex personal narrative.

  • W. Howard Lee

The fifth chapter of Lamarr’s marital journey unfolded with W. Howard Lee, a Texas oilman. The marriage, which began in 1953, endured for several years before concluding in 1960. Lee’s background in the oil industry brought a different flavor to Lamarr’s life, highlighting the diversity of her relationships.

  • Lewis J. Boies

Hedy Lamarr’s sixth husband was Lewis J. Boies, an interesting addition to the list as he was Lamarr’s divorce lawyer. Their marriage, which took place in 1963, lasted until 1965. Boies’ role in Lamarr’s legal affairs added a unique layer to their relationship, showcasing the complexities that often characterized her personal life.

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