Whether you agree with this list or not, the importance of hotness doesn’t come nearly as close to the level of popularity and success enjoyed by many of the below-listed celebrities. You know why? Because attractiveness doesn’t necessarily equate to Benjamins (at least for the more talented stars). So much so, many celebs can even boast of being the face of many sought-after brands which are known to generate high revenues.

And we’re not just talking about soda or fast food marketing campaigns. Many celebs sign deals with other lucrative businesses. Case in point, online casinos advertise tons of no deposit slots featuring celebrities as the protagonist of the game. In fact, because some personalities are so marketable, the games’ titles are simply the celeb’s name. There are virtually too many online slots devoted to celebrities to mention. But, to name just a few off the top of our head, there’s a slot about Michael Jackson, Jimmy Hendrix, Frank Sinatra, heck there’s even one dedicated to Marilyn Monroe!

But it doesn’t stop there, many celebs have even been hand-picked to be the face of online casino brands. Take former British footballer Michael Owen, he’s become the brand ambassador of Punt Casino. Zlatan Ibrahimovich was not only Bethard’s brand ambassador, but later became co-owner of the iGaming industry giant. And of course, let’s not forget the great Cristiano Ronaldo, who was chosen to be the face of PokerStars. The list is practically endless…

1. Drake 

Drake is a Canadian rapper who has achieved great success in his career. His first album, “Thank Me Later,” was a huge success, selling over one million copies in the United States. This musician also has a lot of fans who are keen on learning more about him as a person. Drake has been open about his love of online slots and how they helped him to make a lot of money while he was living in his car. Drake has even been seen playing online slots in a few of his music videos, including the smash hit “Hotline Bling.” This has led many people to believe that he is a positive role model when it comes to celebrity gamblers. Although Drake has not had too much negative press about his love for gambling, this could be because he is extremely careful about what he does in public.

2. Ciara


Ciara is an American singer who has achieved a lot of success in her career. She has released seven albums and has found success in the charts with many of the songs on these albums. This artist has also had great success when it comes to her relationship with the famous rapper, Future. Ciara has been seen playing poker and blackjack in casinos and has even put on live shows and hosted tournaments.

3. Nicki Minaj 

Nicki Minaj is a rapper and singer who has achieved great success in the music industry. She has released five albums, which have all been very successful. She has also won a number of awards, including one Grammy. This artist has been very open about her love of gambling and has even been seen playing online slots in music videos and interviews.

4. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a wrestler, actor, and producer who has achieved great success in his career. He has won a number of awards for his acting roles and is one of the highest-grossing actors of all time. This celebrity has gone on to become an entrepreneur and has a number of businesses and brands under his name. The Rock has not publicly spoken about his love of gambling. However, he has been seen playing poker tournaments, leading people to believe that he is an avid poker player.

5. Floyd Mayweather 

Floyd Mayweather is an American boxer who has achieved great success in his career. He is a former five-time world champion and has won many awards during his time as a boxer. This athlete has gone on to be very successful outside of the ring and has even been listed as one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. Many people have wondered if he is a positive example of a celebrity gambler due to his love for betting on sporting events. This boxer has been extremely vocal about his love of betting on sports. Many people have suggested that he has been involved in fixed fights and that he has used his fame and money to manipulate the odds. This has led many people to believe that Floyd Mayweather is a negative role model when it comes to celebrity gamblers.

Celebrity Gambling: Hot or Not? 

In recent years there has been even more discussion about the pros and cons of famous people who like to gamble making their hobby known to the general public. Some believe that having role models who enjoy betting as much as they do can only be beneficial. Others feel that these individuals are setting a bad example and giving fans false ideas about what it means to be cool and confident in yourself.

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