The pair were introduced to each other through James’s brother, Sean. Sean Gunn was a featured performer on the show “ Gilmore Girls” were he played the role of Kirk for several years.


He was also a childhood friend of Fischer. According to Cleveland, Jenna and Sean Gunn ( James’s brother) had initially met years before either broke out in the entertainment business at an acting class organized by Fischer’s mother.

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Little did Jenna know, that she was meeting her soon to be brother in-law. It was while working on a showcase together that Sean finally introduced Jenna and James.

That small part in the showcase also led to Fischer getting her first manager. From there, things began to blossom between the pair which eventually led them into marriage.

Fischer married James Gunn on October 7, 2000. They both decided to divorce after 7 years of marriage. The announcement of their separation was made in September 2007, and they divorced in 2008.



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