Barry Gardiner’s relationship with the Chinese spy Christine Lee is unclear. According to MI5 the MP has some connection with Christine due to which the Chinese government is active in the UK parliament. 

This is a huge statement to make, as this proves MP Barry to be a traitor. MI5 has apparently warned this and further actions are yet to be taken. 

However, the shadow minister admitted that the Chinese spy’s son worked for him until his resignation. Apparently, Christine’s son Daniel was unaware of his mother’s illegal activity and was autonomously operating.


Therefore, it can be said that Barry and Christine are only linked to one another through Christine’s biological son as per the information. However, it is said that Christine also funded him for researchers about which the security services were aware.

No, Barry Gardiner has not been arrested with his link to the Chinese spy as of now. Nothing has been proven and it is a statement passed by the intelligence agency MI5 which has not been discussed further. 

The link came as a warning to the UK parliament which has been discarded by the MP himself. Barry says that he had been informing everyone about Christine’s involvement in donations to fund his researchers.

Barry Gardiner Wife And Net Worth 2022

Barry Gardiner’s wife is Caroline Anne Smith. After his marriage, he appointed her as an office manager and executive secretary. The duo is blessed with a son Jacob Gardiner-Smith.

In 2022, Barry Gardiner has a net worth of over 10 million dollars. However, the exact amount of his wealth is not available on the internet. He definitely lives a luxurious life considering his career as a successful politician for over 2 decades now.