Know about Angelina Cruz’s siblings and other family members as we take a closer look at her personal life details.


Angelina Cruz is a Filipino actress and model with millions of followers.

She is a showbiz royalty with frequent features on modeling magazines and platforms.

On the other hand, she is mostly active on music videos as an actress and has already played in more than 10 such projects.

Still, at a particularly young age, the beauty queen is constantly followed on social media as people take great interest in her life and personality.

In the meantime, many people also wonder about her siblings and family in an attempt to know her better.

How Many Siblings Does Angelina Cruz Have?

Angelina Cruz has five siblings in her family.

Three of them are her sisters whereas the remaining two are her brothers.

Angelina’s sisters are named Sam Cruz, Angel Francheska Manhilot, and Angela Manhilot.

Similarly, her brothers are named Diego Loyzaga and Christian Angelo Manhilot.

Among them, only Sam and Angel are her biological sisters while the others are her stepsiblings.

The model’s brother, Christian Angelo, passed away in 2010 as he was found in his own blood with a gun in his hand.


The officials confirmed it was a suicide.

Angelina Cruz And Her Siblings Age Gap

Talking about Angelina Cruz’s age, she is 20 years old while her siblings are somewhere around the same range.

The oldest sibling was Christian who was 23 years old at the time of his death.

Angelina’s other brother, Diego is 26 years old and probably the second eldest sibling in the family.

Moving onto her sisters’ age gap, Angelina’s younger sister Sam is 17 years old while the ages of the remaining two sisters are unknown.

Who Are Angelina Cruz Parents?

Angelina Cruz was born to her parents Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano.

She was born and raised in a family of well-known actors.

Angelina’s mother, Sunshine, is an actress and singer whereas her father, Cesar, is an actor, film director, and producer.

They are no more together after they finalized their separation in 2013, after 10 years of togetherness.

Meet Angelina Cruz On Instagram

You can find Angelina Cruz on Instagram under the user handle @angelinaisabele.

She has a verified account with over 1.2 million followers.

The actress is pretty active on social media as well.  She has already made over 600 posts and the lady regularly updates her Instagram stories.

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