Old Town Road is the hit single that propelled Lil Nas X into fame and mainstream music. Released in December 2018, the song gained popularity, early 2019, after being used in several Tik Tok video challenges, with the catchphrase in the song, ” I got my horses in the back..”


Few weeks after its release, Old Town Road garnered over 800 million times views on YouTube, and also earned a top featured song spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart for 19 consecutive weeks. The song was re-released by Columbia Records, featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, after Nas was signed on to the record label in March 2019.

photo credit :teen vogue

The rapper who purchased the original soundtrack of the music from one YoungKio, made the smashing hit for less than 30 dollars, his record label revealed in an interview.

By February 2020, the country rap hit had sold 1.2 million copies. It was the fastest music to receive a diamond certification in the United States. The outstanding success of Old Town Road has made Lil Nas X, one of the successful and rich rap talents in Music.

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