Who is Janice Dean?

Image source: Areal News

Janice Dean is a renowned Canadian woman known to have various personalities. These include her work as a host of a breakfast show on the CHEZ-FM station in Ottawa, Ontario down to her current work as a meteorologist.

Additionally, she is the co-host  of Fox and Friends on the Fox News Channel.


What is her net worth?


One of the ways by which fans show their admiration for a public figure like Janice Dean is by finding out how much she is worth. There are various publications about her net worth but none of them seems to agree. Starting from the highest net worth to the lowest proposed by some publications.

Janice’s net worth is estimated at $4million according to FAMOUSINTEL while WIKI estimates it at $2million. The least as proposed by BIO-PEDIA is $350,000.

In effect, there’s no precise figure when it comes to Janice Dean unless, of course, we secure an interview with her to ascertain the actual figure.

It looks like these amounts are nothing compared to what Elon Musk is earning but she is considered as a millionaire based on the $4million and $2million estimation.


How much does she earn from her annual salary?


The next question that is most likely to baffle fans is the question on annual salary. Again, there is no certified figure when it comes to Janice’s annual salary, this could be because her salary may be tentative.

According to BIO-PEDIA, her annual salary is $75,000 while FAMOUSINTEL proposes between $56500-$120,000.


How did she earn this much?


Before becoming a broadcast meteorologist and co-host at FOX News Channel, she had done a variety of jobs. Not all were related to her current work though.

In one of her live signing sessions on the Livesigning Youtube channel, she was randomly asked 22 questions and one of such questions required her to disclose her first job.

She mentioned that she worked in a clothing store in Ottawa. It may seem that she did not earn significantly from her first job but it still counts as something that brought money into her pocket and gradually contributed to her net worth someway somehow.

Moreover, she worked as a host of a breakfast show and reporter at TV station CBOT as a weather forecaster. She also became a prominent media personality after working as an editor and entertainment reporter at the TV show called ‘Imus in the morning’.

Subsequently, she hosted many other programs on various shows. Her job at Fox News has brought her to the limelight and brought some tremendous contributions to her net worth.

That is all you need to know about the net worth, the salary of your favourite celebrity broadcast meteorologist, Janice Dean.


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