If you’ve never resorted to using online technology to find a partner, is this something you might consider? Perhaps you’ve been dissuaded from taking this step because you believe it would be impossible to get to know someone you weren’t chatting with face-to-face. Have you overheard rumours about the likelihood of coming across people operating behind fake profiles? The fact is, digital technology is becoming the default method for matchmaking, with more and more websites and apps being launched to cope with the increasing demand. Far from being a less satisfying way to connect, exchanging messages via your website or smartphone can allow individuals to develop a potent sense of chemistry. Here we’ll take a closer look at why you should consider going down this route.


Minority demographics

All sorts of people are taking advantage of dating websites these days. They are particularly popular amongst what could be termed ‘minority demographics,’ who have previously found themselves lacking the same opportunities as what could be described as the ‘mainstream singles’ population. The LGBT community have been particularly enthusiastic about embracing online technology. Statistics have proved that singles who identify as members of LGBT community are twice as likely to be signing up for online dating as their straight counterparts. They are drawn to this platform for many reasons. There may be lingering pockets of prejudice that make girls who like girls less likely to be open about their feelings. By taking advantage of the online environment, they’ll find themselves surrounded by kindred spirits, and appreciate they’ll never be judged. LGBT sites and apps are relied upon for so much more than the matchmaking opportunities they present. They are social hubs, where you can utilize lesbian chat online and meet other singles who congregate in chat rooms, expanding their friendship circles, and touching base about a variety of issues. If someone is at all unsure of how they feel about relationships, or hesitant about ‘coming out,’ they can broach their concerns with more experienced members. They’ll find a support and guidance network that can be tapped into 24/7.


Using algorithms

Digital technology is proving to be extremely versatile in helping singles to find the most suitable matches. The moment you sign up, you’ll be invited to specify the type of person you are keen to connect with. When you complete your profile, you could mention your hobbies and passions. All this information can be stored in a database, and when anything overlaps with someone else’s details, this can be flagged up. You could be provided with a shortlist of likely candidates for a romance, based on other site users with whom you appear to share common ground.

Instant communication

Where dating sites and apps are truly versatile is the ways they can provide for touching base. If you are already familiar with modern tech – sending emails, texting, joining WhatsApp groups, video chatting, or phone calls, then you’ll easily adapt to using the same methods for interacting with other singles online. This is particularly welcomed by singles who might regard themselves as being shy or hesitant when attempting to strike up conversations in social settings, especially if any flirting is involved. When it comes to initiating online discussions, you don’t even have to spend too long trying to dream up meaningful topics or injecting your messages with humor. All you need to do is send a ‘wink,’ which is a casual method of letting another single know you’d like to get to know them. This will pave the way for direct messages to commence – and chemistry to be stoked!

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